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51 posted by caitlin (190324)

Hello my sweet angels and welcome back to Idolise for your usual Sunday update. If you aren't a member of our Discord, you may have missed that both of your admins were working today! That's alright. I'm here now, and I'm sorry if you were worried about us. We've never missed an update, and we don't plan on starting now!

forgetful admin is quite sorry btw

I do apologize for the long wait on the removal of hl-plzdontbesadjunhyung! But I've gone ahead and created a new global topic on the forum. Another one bites the dust.

games, games, games

Here's the thing... It's already 10pm and I do not feel like taking the time to create new games. You know what the means, right? For the first time in Idolise history, we're making your life very easy. Feel free to play Set 1 and your Weekly Set. But remember! The answers haven't changed, so please do not @ me on the Discord channel to report this as an error. I'm trying to sleep!

Don't forget to play your Forum Games as well! These have been updated with brand new rounds for you guys. ♥

As well, PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO PLAY THE MONTHLY GAMES, as this is the final week for it! Next Sunday is the final day to play these, so please don't lose out on those valuable monthly cards.

speaking of which: deadlines

March is almost over, guys! I know that I always say this, but it really did sneak up on me this time. That means that you're in your final week to hand in donations, mini masteries, and whatever else is included in the monthly stuff.

and speaking of mini masteries: custom content reminder

Guys. Guys. I know this might be hard to believe, but there is a reason why I have specifically put "Our somethingsomething badges are horizontal, just like our regular mastery badges, so make sure your image can be cropped to fit the template!" in about a hundred different places on our site.

I hate to bring this up (because I know I have talked about it enough as it is), but this is genuinely the truth. Our badges are horizontal, and I've seen an increased about of members requesting images that are not following this rule. I consider this just as important as rules like "image must be fan-taken", because I don't think that it's fair for our makers to have to spend extra time extending your photo because it doesn't follow the rules. It causes trouble for them. PLEASE BE KIND TO OUR CONTENT MAKERS, because they do this out of the goodness of their hearts and are already taking hours to make the content that you're asking them for. Every time you request that they use a photo that they literally can't crop and put into a badge, you're throwing them off their groove, causing them to stop and try to make your image choice look okay in our template, and I really hate to be so straight up about it but it is genuinely a rule that you must follow.

I hate to scold you guys, but all that I ask is that you respect their time. Because they're respecting yours by getting your content made as quickly as they can. Thank you.

To apologize for scolding you guys

It has been a really long time since I've given you guys choice cards in an update, right? To make it up to you guys, I want to give you something special just this once.

All members are free to take 10 choice cards. These can be any cards you want, as long as they are decks that were released BEFORE TODAY. So you can't choice any of the decks below, but you can literally choice anything else. Finish some decks! These choice cards can be used to master, too. ♥

new decks

Now it's time for new decks! I actually chose these decks based off of the votes that have come in for them, so if you're stressed out this week because of any reason, please stand up, walk to a mirror, and ask yourself "did I do this to myself?" The answer is yes.

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

amber-shakethatbrass, aoa-bingbing, apink-fivehayoung, april-dreamcandy, bb-fxxkitdaesung, btob-gone, bts-dopejin, dia-woowoo, donghan-goodnightkiss, fis9-toheart, gidle-hannshuhua, got7-lullabyjackson, ikon-lovescenariobobby, ioi-whattamansohye, nct-tryagain, rv-reallybadboy, sewoon-justu, svt-thanks, taemin-want, wno-boomerangwoojino
caitlin (190324)

quesoboyluvr97  @ 24 Mar 2019 06:40 pm


Catherine  @ 24 Mar 2019 06:47 pm

Deck Pulls: wno-boomerangwoojino11, wno-boomerangwoojino16, got7-lullabyjackson11, got7-lullabyjackson02, ikon-lovescenariobobby11, ikon-lovescenariobobby01, gidle-hannshuhua11, gidle-hannshuhua12, bb-fxxkitdaesung11, bb-fxxkitdaesung12, bts-dopejin11, bts-dopejin15

mimi  @ 24 Mar 2019 07:07 pm

New Decks: bts-dopejin07, bts-dopejin08, donghan-goodnightkiss05, donghan-goodnightkiss06, gidle-hannshuhua01, gidle-hannshuhua02, got7-lullabyjackson17, got7-lullabyjackson18, ikon-lovescenariobobby05, ikon-lovescenariobobby16, ioi-whattamansohye01, ioi-whattamansohye02, rv-reallybadboy05, rv-reallybadboy06, svt-thanks15, svt-thanks16 (16/18)

mimi  @ 24 Mar 2019 07:24 pm

New Decks: nct-tryagain03, nct-tryagain04 (18/18)

Selena  @ 24 Mar 2019 10:33 pm

New Decks: bts-dopejin01, bts-dopejin02, rv-reallybadboy01, rv-reallybadboy02, taemin-want01, taemin-want02, amber-shakethatbrass16, aoa-bingbing12, apink-fivehayoung05, btob-gone11, dia-woowoo20, donghan-goodnightkiss07, fis9-toheart15, gidle-hannshuhua19, got7-lullabyjackson03, ikon-lovescenariobobby09, ioi-whattamansohye10, nct-tryagain15
Choice Cards: loona-love4evaoliviahye19, mmoo-starrynighthwasa06, mmoo-starrynighthwasa12, mmoo-starrynighthwasa18, mmoo-starrynighthwasa20, mx-jealousyhyungwon03, mx-jealousyhyungwon05, mx-jealousyhyungwon10, mx-jealousyhyungwon14, mx-jealousyhyungwon15

Cate  @ 25 Mar 2019 01:22 am

Choice Cards: bts-dnav20, bts-dopejimin03, bts-dopejimin08, bts-singularity01, bts-singularity02, bts-singularity03, dc-youandijiu14, got7-ifyoudojackson01, got7-ifyoudojackson09, got7-ifyoudojackson19

Alecks  @ 25 Mar 2019 08:26 am

New Decks: donghan-goodnightkiss15, donghan-goodnightkiss16, svt-thanks13, svt-thanks14, bts-dopejin05, bts-dopejin06, rv-reallybadboy07, rv-reallybadboy08, amber-shakethatbrass01, amber-shakethatbrass02, apink-fivehayoung01, apink-fivehayoung02, ioi-whattamansohye01, ioi-whattamansohye02

10 Choice:wjsn-happychengxiao05, wjsn-happychengxiao08, twice-likeymina10, twice-likeymina14, twice-likeymina17, twice-likeynayeon05, twice-likeynayeon09, twice-likeynayeon11, twice-likeynayeon12, twice-likeynayeon13

Cate  @ 25 Mar 2019 09:12 am

New decks: bts-dopejin08, bts-dopejin17 (2/20)

Echo  @ 25 Mar 2019 09:35 am

New Decks (190324) (12/18): btob-gone13, btob-gone20, donghan-goodnightkiss08, donghan-goodnightkiss15, ioi-whattamansohye05, ioi-whattamansoshye09, nct-tryagain03, nct-tryagain12, rv-reallybadboy10, rv-reallybadboy19, taemin-want06, taemin-want14
Choice Cards (190324): bap-wakemeupyoungjae05, loona-new06, mx-jealousyim04, mx-jealousyim09, mx-jealousyim15, nct-blackonblackdoyoung04, nct-blackonblackdoyoung10, skz-district9felix09, skz-district9felix14, skz-district9felix16

Mirabel  @ 25 Mar 2019 12:30 pm

deck pulls: apink-fivehayoung02, apink-fivehayoung07, sewoon-justu09, sewoon-justu10, svt-thanks07, svt-thanks08, donghan-goodnightkiss07, donghan-goodnightkiss08, nct-tryagain05, nct-tryagain06, bts-dopejin09, bts-dopejin10, (12/20)

osaka  @ 25 Mar 2019 12:51 pm

New Decks: ioi-whattamansohye01, ioi-whattamansohye02, dia-woowoo01, dia-woowoo02, fis9-toheart01, fis9-toheart02
Choice Cards: dia-mrpotter13, dia-mrpotter15, dia-mrpotter17, dia-mrpotter18, dia-mrpotter19, dia-mrpotterchaeyeon01, dia-mrpotterchaeyeon02, dia-mrpotterchaeyeon03, dia-mrpotterchaeyeon04, dia-mrpotterchaeyeon05

madita  @ 26 Mar 2019 12:53 pm

taemin-want01, taemin-want02, bts-bopejin05, bts-dopejin06, btob-gone04, btob-gone05, wno-boomerangwoojin03, wno-boomerangwoojin04, ioi-whattamansohye17, ioi-whattamansohye19, svt-thanks03, svt-thanks18 (12/18)
Choice: vixx-scentistravi17, vixx-scentisthongbin13, vixx-scentist08, vixx-dynamiten12, vixx-dynamiten18 (5/10)

madita  @ 29 Mar 2019 01:01 pm

Choice: vixx-scentistken10, vixx-scentistken15 (07/10)

Cassidy  @ 29 Mar 2019 09:02 pm

- New Decks (190324): aoa-bingbing06, aoa-bingbing20, apink-fivehayoung01, apink-fivehayoung04, fis9-toheart05, fis9-toheart09, gidle-hannshuhua09, gidle-hannshuhua11, ioi-whattamansohye02, ioi-whattamansohye03, rv-reallybadboy04, rv-reallybadboy08, amber-shakethatbrass13, dia-woowoo19, bts-dopejin01, bts-dopejin02, ikon-lovescenariobobby07, ikon-lovescenariobobby08, taemin-want, taemin-want (20/20)
- Donations (190324): ioi-whattamansohye04, rv-reallybadboy03

twomoons  @ 30 Mar 2019 02:09 pm

New decks 190324: (12/18) apink-fivehayoung20, apink-fivehayoung19, bts-dopejin19, bts-dopejin20, wno-boomerangwoojin19, wno-boomerangwoojin20, donghan-goodnightkiss19, donghan-goodnightkiss20, ikon-lovescenariobobby19, ikon-lovescenariobobby20, sewoon-justu19, sewoon-justu20

Vaini  @ 30 Mar 2019 02:12 pm

Update (190324): wno-boomerangwoojin05, wno-boomerangwoojin06, bts-dopejin01, bts-dopejin02, donghan-goodnightkiss01, donghan-goodnightkiss02, ikon-lovescenariobobby01, ikon-lovescenariobobby02, ioi-whattamansohye01, ioi-whattamansohye02, sewoon-justu01, sewoon-justu02, apink-fivehayoung17, apink-fivehayoung18, gidle-hannshuhua01, gidle-hannshuhua20, taemin-want07, taemin-want08, btob-gone13, btob-gone14

Eimii  @ 30 Mar 2019 03:33 pm

choice cards from update: luna-freesomebody12, luna-freesomebody15, luna-freesomebody20, bp-asifitsyourlastrose04, bp-asifitsyourlastrose10, bp-asifitsyourlastrose11, bp-asifitsyourlastrose12, bp-asifitsyourlastrose15, bp-asifitsyourlastrose16, mmld-bboombboomjane04

deck releases: amber-shakethatbrass08, amber-shakethatbrass11, aoa-bingbing01, aoa-bingbing10, april-dreamcandy10, april-dreamcandy16, gidle-hannshuhua02, gidle-hannshuhua14, rv-reallybadboy02, rv-reallybadboy18, sewoon-justu09, sewoon-justu13, fis9-toheart12, fis9-toheart14, bts-dopejin11, bts-dopejin13, ikon-lovescenariobobby04, ikon-lovescenariobobby09, nct-tryagain11, nct-tryagain15

Vaini  @ 30 Mar 2019 03:33 pm

Donation freebie (190324): wno-boomerangwoojin07

Vaini  @ 30 Mar 2019 03:58 pm

10 choice freebies: vixx-chainedup16, chungha-whydontyouknowera15, bap-wakemeupyoungjae19, skz-district9in12, donghan-sunset17 (5/10)

Vaini  @ 30 Mar 2019 04:20 pm

10 choice freebies: ikon-blingblingdonghyuk19, izone-lavieenrose20 (7/10)

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