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48 posted by caitlin (190303)

As promised, it's Sunday and we're back with another update! Because it is a new month, this is considered both our Sunday and Monthly update. I don't have a whole lot to say, so I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet instead of attempting to make content out of nothing.

190210 & 190301

Be Mine Event

The Be Mine event is officially closed, and I'd like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm! I have quite a bit of badges that made their way in, so please be patient as I get to those. I did not expect so many to come in during the final few days of the event so it may be quite a few days before I can complete them all and hand out rewards!

Regarding any chocolate you may have leftover from Heart Hunt, we will be opening up a forum topic where you can spend them as soon as I finish rewarding all submissions, so I can't give you guys a date on this.

This also means that Heart Hunt is closed! I've kindly gone through and added the answers to the entire list so that anyone who was completely stumped has a chance to check their work! The reward pages have been removed but I will keep the heart cards up for a few more days. ♥


Although a few of you may be sad about this, Chewing Gum has been removed from our monthly rotation, because your admin team are having a hard time finding places to hide the candy. Because Chewing Gum was a game with 15 possible cards as reward, we've actually slipped them into Sentimental and Secret Garden to make up for it. Nothing lost, nothing gained!

Otherwise, our Monthly set is good to go! Nikki has given Secret Garden a bit of a theme this month. If you can figure it out, it should help you find those cards much easier. Our Mini Mastery is all good to go as well. This month, our theme is Peace! All cards and custom badges must show an idol throwing up a peace sign. Big thanks to Zooya for sending this suggestion in, and including the sample deck. You've made our job very easy, once again.

Our Weekly Set and Set 2 have both been updated as well! I can't tell if Nikki has gone easy on you guys or not, so best of luck. ♥

Melinda also has our forum games up and running as well, so don't forget to play them!

new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-fivenamjoo, ateez-treasurejongho, bb-fxxkittaeyang, bts-dopejimin, ggd-thebootssejeong, gidle-hannsoojin, got7-lullabyjinyoung, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong, ioi-whattamansomi, itzy-dalladalla, izone-lavieenroseyena, lvlz-nowwe, nct-blackonblackten, pristin-getiteunwoo , sistar-shakeitsoyou , skz-mypacechangbin , tara-socrazysoyeon , tbz-righthere, winner-reallyreallyseunghoon, wno-boomerangminhyun
caitlin (190303)

mimi  @ 03 Mar 2019 01:33 pm

New Decks: nct-blackonblackten03, nct-blackonblackten04, skz-mypacechangbin03, skz-mypacechangbin04, ggd-thebootssejeong01, ggd-thebootssejeong02, pristin-getiteunwoo01, pristin-getiteunwoo02, bts-dopejimin15, bts-dopejimin16, itzy-dalladalla01, itzy-dalladalla02 (12/18)

mimi  @ 03 Mar 2019 01:43 pm

New Decks: ioi-whattamansomi01, ioi-whattamansomi02 (14/18)

Catherine  @ 03 Mar 2019 03:08 pm

- Deck Pulls: wno-boomerangminhyun11, skz-mypacechangbin11, nct-blackonblackten04, nct-blackonblackten11, pristin-getiteunwoo17, pristin-getiteunwoo11, ateez-treasurejongho12, bb-fxxkittaeyang11, bb-fxxkittaeyang01, bts-dopejimin11, bts-dopejimin01, ggd-thebootssejeong11, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong11, gidle-hannsoojin12, got7-lullabyjinyoung11, ioi-whattamansomi11, got7-lullabyjinyoung12, ioi-whattamansomi12

Cassidy  @ 03 Mar 2019 08:25 pm

- Event Cards: 190210, 190301
- New Decks: itzy-dalladalla02, itzy-dalladalla04, izone-lavieenroseyena06, izone-lavieenroseyena10, lvlz-nowwe11, lvlz-nowwe19, pristin-getiteunwoo03, pristin-getiteunwoo07 (8/20)

mimi  @ 03 Mar 2019 08:26 pm

New Decks: bb-fxxkittaeyang15, bb-fxxkittaeyang16, got7-lullabyjinyoung07, got7-lullabyjinyoung17 (18/18)

Cassidy  @ 03 Mar 2019 08:34 pm

- New Decks: +tara-socrazysoyeon15, tara-socrazysoyeon16 (10/20)

Selena  @ 04 Mar 2019 11:04 am

Event Cards: 190210, 190301
New Decks: bts-dopejimin01, bts-dopejimin02, apink-fivenamjoo09, ateez-treasurejongho14, bb-fxxkittaeyang11, ggd-thebootssejeong05, gidle-hannsoojin18, got7-lullabyjinyoung15, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong03, ioi-whattamansomi20, itzy-dalladalla06, izone-lavieenroseyena16, lvlz-nowwe01, nct-blackonblackten12, pristin-getiteunwoo07, sistar-shakeitsoyou11, skz-mypacechangbin08, tara-socrazysoyeon10

Mari  @ 05 Mar 2019 06:30 am

Event Cards: 190210, 190301
New Decks: ioi-whattamansomi01, ioi-whattamansomi02, izone-lavieenroseyena01, izone-lavieenroseyena02, pristin-getiteunwoo01, pristin-getiteunwoo02

Cassidy  @ 07 Mar 2019 03:59 pm

- New Decks (190303): +bts-dopejimin19, bts-dopejimin20, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong09, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong10 (14/20)

Alecks  @ 09 Mar 2019 07:35 am

New Decks: bb-fxxkittaeyang19, bb-fxxkittaeyang20, bts-dopejimin10, bts-dopejimin11, apink-fivenamjoo03, apink-fivenamjoo04, sistar-shakeitsoyou01, sister-shakeitsoyou02

Lex  @ 09 Mar 2019 08:13 pm

New Decks: gidle-hannsoojin07, gidle-hannsoojin17, itzy-dalladalla11, itzy-dalladalla19, bts-dopejimin15, bts-dopejimin16, got7-lullabyjinyoung07, got7-lullabyjinyoung15, izone-lavieenroseyena14, izone-lavieenroseyena18 (10/20)

Event Cards: 190210, 190301

madita  @ 10 Mar 2019 12:30 am

New Decks: bts-dopejimin14, bts-dopejimin16, ggd-thebootssejeong03, ggd-thebootssejeong05, itzy-dalladalla11, itzy-dalladalla09, nct-blackonblackten12, nct-blackonblackten13, sistar-shakeitsoyou05, sistar-shakeitsoyou14, lvlz-nowwe06, lvlz-nowwe15, skz-mypacechangbin06, apink-fivenamjoo09, gidle-hannsoojin04, gidle-hannsoojin18, tbz-righthere13, tara-socrazysoyeon12

Vaini  @ 10 Mar 2019 01:00 pm

Update (190303): ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong01, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong02, ioi-whattamansomi01, ioi-whattamansomi02, itzy-dalladalla01, itzy-dalladalla02, pristin-getiteunwoo01, pristin-getiteunwoo02, skz-mypacechangbin01, skz-mypacechangbin02, winner-reallyreallyseunghoon01, winner-reallyreallyseunghoon02, wno-boomerangminhyun01, wno-boomerangminhyun02, bts-dopejimin17, bts-dopejimin18, apink-fivenamjoo17, apink-fivenamjoo18, got7-lullabyjinyoung17, got7-lullabyjinyoung18, gidle-hannsoojin01, gidle-hannsoojin20, tbz-righthere10, tbz-righthere11

Donation freebie: skz-mypacechangbin03, wno-boomerangminhyun03

twomoons  @ 10 Mar 2019 01:01 pm

New decks 190303: ateez-treasurejongho19, ateez-treasurejongho20, izone-lavieenroseyena19, izone-lavieenroseyena20, pristin-getiteunwoo19, pristin-getiteunwoo20, wno-boomerangminhyun19, wno-boomerangminhyun20, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong19, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong20, itzy-dalladalla19, itzy-dalladalla20, skz-mypacechangbin19, skz-mypacechangbin20, winner-reallyreallyseunghoon19, winner-reallyreallyseunghoon20, apink-fivenamjoo19, apink-fivenamjoo20, bts-dopejimin19, bts-dopejimin20, got7-lullabyjinyoung19, got7-lullabyjinyoung20

Eimii  @ 14 Mar 2019 02:44 pm

deck releases (03/03): ggd-thebootssejeong06, ggd-thebootssejeong07, gidle-hannsoojin7, gidle-hannsoojin18, itzy-dalladalla04, itzy-dalladalla05, izone-lavieenroseyena13, izone-lavieenroseyena14, pristin-getiteunwoo16, pristin-getiteunwoo17, sistar-shakeitsoyou07, sistar-shakeitsoyou08,

Shinya  @ 15 Mar 2019 05:55 pm

Update (190303): apink-fivenamjoo01, apink-fivenamjoo02, bts-dopejimin01, bts-dopejimin02, got7-lullabyjinyoung01, got7-lullabyjinyoung02, ateez-treasurejongho01, ateez-treasurejongho02, izone-lavieenroseyena03, izone-lavieenroseyena04, pristin-getiteunwoo05, pristin-getiteunwoo06 (12/20)
Event: 190210, 190301

Lex  @ 16 Mar 2019 10:13 pm

New Decks: ateez-treasurejongho11, ateez-treasurejongho12, bb-fxxkittaeyang16, bb-fxxkittaeyang17, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong19, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong20 (16/20)

Whitney  @ 18 Mar 2019 11:23 am

Events: 190210, 190301
New Decks: bb-fxxkittaeyang08, bb-fxxkittaeyang20, bts-dopejimin01, bts-dopejimin14, ggd-thebootssejeong11, ggd-thebootssejeong19, gidle-hannsoojin10, gidle-hannsoojin15, got7-lullabyjinyoung05, got7-lullabyjinyoung14, ioi-whattamansomi15, ioi-whattamansomi20, itzy-dalladalla04, itzy-dalladalla18, nct-blackonblackten01, nct-blackonblackten09, wno-boomerangminhyun08, wno-boomerangminhyun10, sistar-shakeitsoyou10, sistar-shakeitsoyou19

Thank you! :)

Mirabel  @ 25 Mar 2019 08:45 pm

deck pulls: skz-mypacechangbin11, skz-mypacechangbin12, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong03, ikon-lovescenarioyunhyeong04, ateez-treasurejongho17, ateez-treasurejongho18, bts-dopejimin11, bts-dopejimin12 (8/20)

Lex  @ 30 Mar 2019 10:04 pm

New Decks: winner-reallyreallyseunghoon14, winner-reallyreallyseunghoon17, ioi-whattamansomi07, pristin-getiteunwoo14 (20/20)

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