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47 posted by caitlin (190224)

be mine

HEART HUNT has been updated for the final time!

We have officially made it into the last week of our Be Mine event. As mentioned in our Be Mine literature, we'll be finishing this event on March 3rd.

Our most recent batch of Be Mine badges and their pretty keep cards has actually been kind of wild. To give you guys some idea, I just uploaded around 215 badges (and of course, 215 pretty keep cards) to our site. I'll be passing those out very soon, I just have to add all 430 images to profiles as well as pass out all 215 rewards. This is a lot, so if you see any mistakes on your badges or pretty keep cards, please let me know via the forum thread that we're using for Be Mine, as I'm expecting there are some accidents on these badges.

At this point in time as well, I believe I've released a deck for every request that I had. If I missed someone that you wanted, let me apologize and promise you that we'll be around next February so that you guys can do this all over again with new decks and new idols. ♥


It's a Set 1 week! Go ahead and play those games, as well as the Weekly set.

new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 24 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

apink-fiveeunji, april-maydaychaewon, ateez-treasure, bb-fxxkittop, bts-epiphany, day6-imserious, dia-cantstop, gain-carnival, ggd-thebootssoyee, gidle-hannyuqi, got7-lullabyyugyeom, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk, ioi-whattamanchungha, izone-lavieenrosenako, nct-limitless, pristin-getitroa, sistar-shakeitdasom, skz-mypacefelix, suzy-holiday, svt-clap, tara-socrazyjiyeon, tbz-righthereyounghoon, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo, wno-boomerangdaniel

what's next?

MONTHLY DEADLINES ARE UPON US so please ensure you get your donations in, as well as your mini masteries and anything else that applies to this month only. If you haven't requested a birthday badge, please head over to the forum and ask for one. You won't get another chance in 2019, February baby!

Our official monthly update will take place next Sunday, so keep an eye out on the Discord and our Twitter for early updates as we release the monthly games and our monthly forum topics on the 1st.

caitlin (190224)

mimi  @ 24 Feb 2019 05:17 pm

New Decks: svt-clap09, svt-clap10, nct-limitless01, nct-limitless02, bts-epiphany15, bts-epiphany16, skz-mypacefelix15, skz-mypacefelix16, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk09, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk10, pristin-getitroa01, pristin-getitroa02, tbz-righthereyounghoon01, tbz-righthereyounghoon02 (14/20)

Catherine  @ 24 Feb 2019 05:47 pm

Deck Pulls: wno-boomerangdaniel11, wno-boomerangdaniel12, skz-mypacefelix11, skz-mypacefelix12, pristin-getitroa11, pristin-getitroa12, ggd-thebootssoyee12, gidle-hannyuqi12, got7-lullabyyugyeom12, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk12, ggd-thebootssoyee11, gidle-hannyuqi11, got7-lullabyyugyeom11, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk11, bb-fxxkittop11, bb-fxxkittop13, nct-limitless11, nct-limitless19 (18/20)

mimi  @ 24 Feb 2019 06:42 pm

New Decks: ioi-whattamanchungha03, ioi-whattamanchungha04, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo05, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo06 (18/20)

Cassidy  @ 24 Feb 2019 08:42 pm

- New Decks: apink-fiveeunji02, apink-fiveeunji04, gidle-hannyuqi08, gidle-hannyuqi19, ioi-whattamanchungha06, ioi-whattamanchungha07, izone-lavieenrosenako12, izone-lavieenrosenako15, pristin-getitroa02, pristin-getitroa11, suzy-holiday14, suzy-holiday19, wno-boomerangdaniel06, wno-boomerangdaniel09, bts-epiphany03, bts-epiphany04, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk14, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk15 (18/24)

mimi  @ 24 Feb 2019 09:31 pm

New Decks: gidle-hannyuqi11, gidle-hannyuqi12 (20/20)

Cassidy  @ 24 Feb 2019 09:57 pm

- New Decks: +tara-socrazyjiyeon12, tara-socrazyjiyeon13 (20/24)

Echo  @ 25 Feb 2019 12:11 am

New Decks (190224) (12/20): ateez-treasure06, ateez-treasure13, day6-imserious04, day6-imserious15, ioi-whattamanchungha10, ioi-whattamanchungha20, izone-lavieenrosenako05, izone-lavieenrosenako17, nct-limitless09, nct-limitless18, skz-mypacefelix01, skz-mypacefelix02
Donation Pull: skz-mypacefelix03

Alecks  @ 25 Feb 2019 11:31 am

- New Decks (190224): svt-clap11, svt-clap12, bts-epiphany05, bts-epiphany06, ioi-whattamanchungha05, ioi-whattamanchungha06, sistar-shakeitdasom01, sistar-shakeitdasom02

mimi  @ 25 Feb 2019 10:34 pm

New Decks (Yellow Ipod): got7-lullabyyugyeom03, got7-lullabyyugyeom04

AlexJay  @ 27 Feb 2019 11:25 am

ateez-treasure01, ateez-treasure02, bb-fxxkittop01, bb-fxxkittop02, bts-epiphany01, bts-epiphany02, day6-imserious06, day6-imserious18, got7-lullabyyugyeom01, got7-lullabyyugyeom20, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk01, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk18, nct-limitless03, nct-limitless13, skz-mypacefelix01, skz-mypacefelix02, svt-clap01, svt-clap02, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo01, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo02 (20/20)

Lex  @ 27 Feb 2019 10:32 pm

New Decks: ggd-thebootssoyee06, ggd-thebootssoyee15, gidle-hannyuqi06, gidle-hannyuqi13, bts-epiphany06, bts-epiphany10, wno-boomerangdaniel01, wno-boomerangdaniel02 (8/24)

Mirabel  @ 01 Mar 2019 10:35 pm

Deck pulls: gidle-hannyuqi07, gidle-hannyuqi08, april-maydaychaewon13, april-chaewon14, bts-epiphany17, bts-epiphany18 (6/24)

Mirabel  @ 04 Mar 2019 06:21 pm

deck pulls: nct-limitless18, nct-limitless19 (8/24)

Lex  @ 09 Mar 2019 08:09 pm

New Decks: got7-lullabyyugyeom08, got7-lullabyyugyeom16, izone-lavieenrosenako05, izone-lavieenrosenako17 (12/24)

twomoons  @ 10 Mar 2019 12:52 pm

New decks 190224: skz-mypacefelix19, skz-mypacefelix20, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk19, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk20, ateez-treasure19, ateez-treasure20, day6-imserious19, day6-imserious20, izone-lavieenrosenako19, izone-lavieenrosenako20, pristin-getitroa19, pristin-getitroa20, svt-clap19, svt-clap20, apink-fiveeunji19, apink-fiveeunji20, bts-epiphany19, bts-epiphany20, got7-lullabyyugyeom19, got7-lullabyyugyeom20, wno-boomerangdaniel19, wno-boomerangdaniel20

Vaini  @ 10 Mar 2019 12:54 pm

Update (190224): bts-epiphany01, bts-epiphany02, got7-lullabyyugyeom01, got7-lullabyyugyeom02, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk01, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk02, ioi-whattamanchungha01, ioi-whattamanchungha02, pristin-getitroa01, pristin-getitroa02, skz-mypacefelix01, skz-mypacefelix02, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo01, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo02, wno-boomerangdaniel01, wno-boomerangdaniel02, apink-fiveeunji17, apink-fiveeunji18, day6-imserious17, day6-imserious18, gidle-hannyuqi01, gidle-hannyuqi20, nct-limitless01, nct-limitless20

Shinya  @ 15 Mar 2019 05:52 pm

Update (190224): apink-fiveeunji01, apink-fiveeunji02, bts-epiphany01, bts-epiphany02, got7-lullabyyugyeom01, got7-lullabyyugyeom02, wno-boomerangdaniel01, wno-boomerangdaniel02, ateez-treasure01, ateez-treasure02, day6-imserious03, day6-imserious04, izone-lavieenrosenako05, izone-lavieenrosenako06, pristin-getitroa07, pristin-getitroa08, svt-clap09, svt-clap10, sistar-shakeitdasom11, sistar-shakeitdasom12

Lex  @ 16 Mar 2019 10:16 pm

New Decks: ateez-treasure17, ateez-treasure18, bb-fxxkittop16, bb-fxxkittop17 (16/20)

Whitney  @ 18 Mar 2019 11:10 am

New Decks: bb-fxxkittop10, bb-fxxkittop11, apink-fiveeunji10, apink-fiveeunji14, bts-epiphany16, bts-epiphany20, got7-lullabyyugyeom04, got7-lullabyyugyeom15, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk04, ikon-lovescenariodonghyuk12, ioi-whattamanchungha02, ioi-whattamanchungha18, izone-lavieenrosenako10, izone-lavieenrosenako17, nct-limitless07, nct-limitless09, svt-clap14, svt-clap20, suzy-holiday08, suzy-holiday15, sistar-shakeitdasom06, sistar-shakeitdasom15, wno-boomerangdaniel10, wno-boomerangdaniel18

Thank you! :)

Lex  @ 30 Mar 2019 10:08 pm

New Decks: winner-reallyreallyjinwoo04, winner-reallyreallyjinwoo16 (18/24)

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