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It has been a long day of hard work for your admin team, but we are finally ready to get started on this update for you guys.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I'd like to take some time and properly bring the new month in by supplying some helpful links and talking about the event!

be mine

If this is your first time tuning in since Friday, you may have missed the Be Mine event, which is outlined HERE for your convenience. This was an incredibly busy weekend for us, between our best friends birthday party (which we were basically hosts for) and the new month, but we're very happy with the results and things be running smoothly before the end of this week.

The event forum for Be Mine is finally up, too! You can find that here.

Now, something we need to talk about is our event mini game, which our event committee has done a fantastic job keeping under wraps. Throughout the Idolise decks (which must be in full view/not on a mobile phone or HIGHLY minimized screen), your admins have hidden tiny hearts within the card images. You can find more information about this mini game here. Please don't hate us! We're trying to help you get a couple of choice cards.

Each Sunday in February, we'll add 15 new hints (and 15 new hidden hearts) for our members to find. If you don't have time to tackle the mini game this week, fear not. We'll be keeping all of the hints and all of the hidden hearts up for the entire event duration.

new game pages, who's this?

It has been a literal month since I updated the layout, but I have finally started changing the game pages over. Both Set 1 and Set 2 are finished, but I only made it through two of our weekly games (and none of the monthly). Thank you for all the patience with this, and now that I have done a large bulk of it, I'm sure it'll take no time at all to do the rest of them!

That being said, Set 2 has been updated by our beautiful Nikki. I will also remind our members that our Monthly set was updated, since it is officially February! Get your rewards, baby.

As always, our fun and games forum is full of... fun and games! Be sure to get your weekly login bonus started. Don't screw it up like I did, despite the reminders...

brand new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 24 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

4m-hatejihyun, aoa-heartattackchanmi, april-maydaychaekyung, ateez-treasuresan, bts-euphoria, fis9-dkdkseoyeon, gg-holidayyuri, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom, gsd-ringmybellhyeri, hara-chocochipcookies, iu-paletteera, lvlz-wow, missa-onlyyoufei, nct-blackonblackwinwin, rainbow-whoohyunyoung, rainbow-whoonoeul, rv-powerup, svt-verynice, tara-socrazyhyomin, tbz-rightherekevin, tbz-righthereq, twice-likeydahyun, wg-whysolonelyyeeun, winner-babybaby
Posted on 190203 by caitlin

by mimi @ 03 Feb 2019 08:33 pm
New Decks: aoa-heartattackchanmi11, aoa-heartattackchanmi12, nct-blackonblackwinwin01, nct-blackonblackwinwin02, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom01, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom02, svt-verynice01, svt-verynice02, tbz-righthereq01, tbz-righthereq02, bts-euphoria15, bts-euphoria16, winner-babybaby15, winner-babybaby16, twice-likeydahyun17, twice-likeydahyun18, ateez-treasuresan01, ateez-treasuresan02, hara-chocochipcookies18, hara-chocochipcookies19, gsd-ringmybellhyeri17, gsd-ringmybellhyeri18 (22/22)
by danni @ 03 Feb 2019 08:45 pm
thank you for winwin deck
thank you for the deck list
thank you for the event
thank you even more pages on the spiffy new layout, it looks amazing

- donation pull: nct-blackonblackwinwin20
- new deck pulls (190203): nct-blackonblackwinwin19, nct-blackonblackwinwin20, ateez-treasuresan05, ateez-treasuresan06, bts-euphoria05, bts-euphoria06, winner-babybaby05, winner-babybaby06, missa-onlyyoufei07, missa-onlyyoufei08, hara-chocochipcookies11, hara-chocochipcookies12, gsd-ringmybellhyeri09, gsd-ringmybellhyeri10, april-maydaychaekyung17, april-maydaychaekyung18, 4m-hatejihyun17, 4m-hatejihyun18, wg-whysolonelyyeeun01, wg-whysolonelyyeeun02, , , (20/24)

by Mirabel @ 03 Feb 2019 08:49 pm
deck pulls: deck pulls: ateez-treasuresan07, ateez-treasuresan08, bts-euphoria11, bts-euphoria12, winner-babybaby19, winner-babybaby20, nct-blackonblackwinwin07, nct-blackonblackwinwin08, svt-verynice13, svt-verynice18, gsd-ringmybellhyeri15, gsd-ringmybellhyeri16 (12/24)
by Mirabel @ 03 Feb 2019 09:51 pm
deck pull: tbz-righthereq01, tbz-righthereq02 (14/24)

by Mirabel @ 03 Feb 2019 10:05 pm
deck pulls: missa-onlyyoufei13, missa-onlyyoufei14 (16/24)
by Cassidy @ 03 Feb 2019 11:17 pm
- New Decks: fis9-dkdkseoyeon12, fis9-dkdkseoyeon13, gsd-ringmybellhyeri02, gsd-ringmybellhyeri13, lvlz-wow09, lvlz-wow19, missa-onlyyoufei07, missa-onlyyoufei08, rv-powerup02, rv-powerup20, bts-euphoria11, bts-euphoria12 (12/24)
by Cassidy @ 03 Feb 2019 11:28 pm
- New Decks: +april-maydaychaekyung02, april-maydaychaekyung14, rainbow-whoonoeul16, rainbow-whoonoeul17, tara-socrazyhyomin13, tara-socrazyhyomin14 (18/24)
by Cassidy @ 03 Feb 2019 11:35 pm
whoops, meant rainbow-whoonoeul18 and not rainbow-whoonoeul16!
by Mari @ 04 Feb 2019 12:41 am
New Decks: missa-onlyyoufei01, missa-onlyyoufei02, rainbow-whoohyunyoung01, rainbow-whoohyunyoung02, rainbow-whoonoeul01, rainbow-whoonoeul02, twice-likeydahyun01, twice-likeydahyun02, wg-whysolonelyyeeun01, wg-whysolonelyyeeun02
by Cassidy @ 04 Feb 2019 01:21 am
also gsd-ringmybellhyeri18 instead of gsd-ringmybellhyeri02......
by Haylee @ 04 Feb 2019 08:47 pm
New Decks: wg-whysolonelyyeeun05, wg-whysolonelyyeeun06, ateez-treasuresan03, ateez-treasuresan04, bts-euphoria03, bts-euphoria04, rainbow-whoonoeul08, rainbow-whoonoeul09, aoa-heartattackchanmi05, aoa-heartattackchanmi06, rv-powerup01, rv-powerup02, gsd-ringmybellhyeri13, gsd-ringmybellhyeri14, april-maydaychaekyung11, april-maydaychaekyung12, winner-babybaby13, winner-babybaby14, hara-chocochipcookie13, hara-chocochipcookie14, 4m-hatejihyun07, 4m-hatejihyun08, gg-holidayyuri03, gg-holidayyuri04
by Selena @ 05 Feb 2019 10:47 pm
New Decks: bts-euphoria01, bts-euphoria02, rv-powerup01, rv-powerup02, svt-verynice01, svt-verynice02, 4m-hatejihyun10, 4m-hatejihyun16, ateez-treasuresan03, ateez-treasuresan12, gg-holidayyuri16, gg-holidayyuri17, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom07, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom18, hara-chocochipcookies09, hara-chocochipcookies15, iu-paletteera05, iu-paletteera20, tbz-righthereq06, tbz-righthereq19, winner-babybaby09, winner-babybaby15
by Echo @ 07 Feb 2019 04:48 am
New Decks (190203): ateez-treasuresan13, ateez-treasuresan20, gg-holidayyuri08, gg-holidayyuri15, nct-blackonblackwinwin05, nct-blackonblackwinwin11, rv-powerup06, rv-powerup18
by Shinya @ 07 Feb 2019 03:54 pm
Deck Release (030219): svt-verynice01, svt-verynice02, rv-powerup03, rv-powerup04, hara-chocochipcookies05, hara-chocochipcookies06, gsd-ringmybellhyeri07, gsd-ringmybellhyeri08, gg-holidayyuri09, gg-holidayyuri10, ateez-treasuresan11, ateez-treasuresan12, aoa-heartattackchanmi13, aoa-heartattackchanmi14 (14/22)
by Eimii @ 11 Feb 2019 10:19 pm
deck releases: aoa-heartattackchanmi03, aoa-heartattackchanmi08, april-maydaychaekyung06, april-maydaychaekyung12, gg-holidayyuri09, gg-holidayyuri14, iu-paletteera16, iu-paletteera20, lvlz-wow07, lvlz-wow18, missa-onlyyoufei10, missa-onlyyoufei20, rv-powerup08, rv-powerup16, twice-likeydahyun05, twice-likeydahyun14, wg-whysolonelyyeeun14, wg-whysolonelyyeeun16, svt-verynice14, svt-verynice18, rainbow-whoohyunyoung11, rainbow-whoohyunyoung15, rainbow-whoonoeul07, rainbow-whoonoeul19
by Lex @ 15 Feb 2019 06:08 am
New Decks: aoa-heartattackchanmi11, aoa-heartattackchanmi18, rv-powerup13, rv-powerup17, twice-likeydahyun07, twice-likeydahyun15, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom10, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom16, svt-verynice02, svt-verynice03, wg-whysolonelyyeeun09, wg-whysolonelyyeeun10, bts-euphoria02, bts-euphoria04, nct-blackonblackwinwin07, nct-blackonblackwinwin08 (16/24)
by Alecks @ 21 Feb 2019 03:19 am
New Decks (180203): twice-likeydahyun13, twice-likeydahyun14, rv-powerup03, rv-powerup04, aoa-heartattackchanmi01, aoa-heartattackchanmi02, winner-babybaby01, winnerbabybaby02
by cecelia @ 22 Feb 2019 03:59 am
New Decks (190203): rainbow-whoohyunyoung03, rainbow-whoohyunyoung07 (2/24)
deck donator pull: rainbow-whoohyunyoung09
by Lex @ 28 Feb 2019 02:21 am
New Decks: ateez-treasuresan07, ateez-treasuresan09, fis9-dkdkseoyeon09, fis9-dkdkseoyeon10 (20/24)
by twomoons @ 10 Mar 2019 04:33 pm
New decks 190203: svt-verynice19, svt-verynice20, rv-powerup19, rv-powerup20, hara-chocochipcookies19, hara-chocochipcookies20, gsd-ringmybellhyeri19, gsd-ringmybellhyeri20, gg-holidayyuri19, gg-holidayyuri20, ateez-treasuresan19, ateez-treasuresan20, aoa-heartattackchanmi19, aoa-heartattackchanmi20, winner-babybaby19, winner-babybaby20, bts-euphoria19, bts-euphoria20, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom19, got7-ifyoudoyugyeom20, iu-paletteera19, iu-paletteera20
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