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Alright, kids! It's Sunday, we're at Starbucks, and we're ready with a brand new weekly update. We've been distracted, chatting like we didn't see each other two days ago, so I have decided to (try and) keep this short and sweet for our sake. Less typing means more friendship time.

i promise i hired staff

With everything that has been going on, hiring staff has been a little slow moving. I have reached out to all of the staff that I will be accepting, but I want to say thank you to those of you who I ended up not going with! There were a lot of applications for the same things, so I did it on a first-come-first-serve basis, or who I thought was going to be able to access a computer more.

BADGE STAFF: I am sure you guys already know this, but Awhylime, Lindsay and Lara have already started making badges for me over on the forum. Going forward, all badge work (or at least MOST of it) will be done by the designated badge makers. They're keeping the forum running smoothly, and I love that you guys are finally getting badges and rewards in a timely fashion! Feels really good.

BOO BOT: Our charming Nicky will be handling Boo trades from now on! She's very excited to provide treats to our members who send in cards that Boo is currently collecting, as well as updating his trade pile more often! That means, Boo has some new rules and we recommend brushing up on them ASAP. You can view those here. Though, the only thing that has changed is that you can now send him 2 collecting cards weekly, rather than just the 2 each month!

BOO FAIRIES: Amber, Cashew and Sola are our brand new trade fairies, which is something that Nikki and I would have never been able to keep up with. Each week, our trade fairies will be visiting members who are marked as active on our members list, to trade you goodies that you actually need!

PROFILE STAFF: With the new mastery form, I think that there will be a lot less issues, making this a beautiful one person job! You've likely already noticed Haylee in the error reporting forum, taking over in fixing profile errors and a few other things around the site. On her first day on duty, she diligently added all of the custom badges to the correct decks! A true angel. :'(

GALLERY STAFF: This feature is almost done, and completely designed. It should be up for viewing very soon! I'll be getting help managing this from our precious Danni, Devon and Vaini who all volunteered and agreed to give me a hand once we need it! I'm looking forward to giving you guys your new gallery sometime next week. ^^

EVENT COMMITTEE: I actually found helpers for this, which is exciting! Luna, Ruthia, Mio, Yasu and Melinda will be my go-to girls for planning events and getting help on the forum is needed! Our first event will be the Be Mine event next month, which Nikki and I are excited to get planned with our new group of helpers!

everything else

A lot of people had requested that I add back the option to sort decks by release date. I've done this! Though, I'm calling it what it is, which is sorting by ID. I have also added back the upcoming page, which was there all along, just not linked properly on the deck page anywhere! I'll be playing with our deck page a little this week to make sure it looks good.

new week, new games

Set 1, weekly games and all forum games have been updated! Regular games are still on the old layout, but it is on my to-do list. Might not get to it this week, as it isn't a huge priority and I apologize for the broken links that come with the old layout!

new decks

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

Posted on 190113 by caitlin

by Alecks @ 13 Jan 2019 05:27 pm
New Decks (20/20): rv-russianroulette05, rv-russianroulette06, ateez-treasuremingi09, ateez-treasuremingi10, bts-micdrop14, bts-micdrop15, fis9-dkdkhayoung05, fis9-dkdkhayoung06, nct-blackonblackrenjun01, nct-blackonblackrenjun02, nuest-whereyouatbaekho06, nuest-whereyouatbaekho09, wg-whysolonelysunmi01, wg-whysolonelysunmi02, tbz-righthereeric10, tbz-righthereeric11, jennie-solo03, jennie-solo04, lvlz-twinklejin01, lvlz-twinklejin02
by Echo @ 13 Jan 2019 05:41 pm
New Decks (190113) (14/18): wg-whysolonelysunmi07, wg-whysolonelysunmi17, rv-russianroulette04, rv-russianroulette09, nct-blackonblackrenjun02, nct-blackonblackrenjun14, loona-favorite06, loona-favorite09, btob-missingyouilhoon03, btob-missingyouilhoon19, btob-missingyoueunkwang05, btob-missingyoueunkwang16, ateez-treasuremingi10, ateez-treasuremingi13
by Haylee @ 13 Jan 2019 06:26 pm
New Decks: ateez-treasuremingi01, ateez-treasuremingi02, jennie-solo03, jennie-solo04, rv-russianroulette01, rv-russianroulette02, fis9-dkdkhayoung11, fis9-dkdkhayoung12, nct-blackonblackrenjun05, nct-blackonblackrenjun06, tbz-righthereeric01, tbz-righthereeric02, bts-micdrop09, bts-micdrop20, lvlz-twinklejin18, lvlz-twinklejin19, lvlz-twinkleyein18, lvlz-twinkleyein19, wg-whysolonelysunmi12, wg-whysolonelysunmi13
by Catherine @ 13 Jan 2019 08:52 pm
- Deck Pulls: wg-whysolonelysunmi11, wg-whysolonelysunmi14, btob-missingyouilhoon13, nuest-whereyouatbaekho11, nuest-whereyouatbaekho16, nuest-whereyouataron08, nuest-whereyouataron11, nct-blackonblackrenjun11, nct-blackonblackrenjun20, jennie-solo06, jennie-solo07, bts-micdrop01, bts-micdrop02, aoa-heartattackjimin11, aoa-heartattackjimin20, aoa-heartattackmina11, aoa-heartattackmina20
by Cassidy @ 13 Jan 2019 09:40 pm
- New Decks: fis9-dkdkhayoung05, fis9-dkdkhayoung06, ggd-thebootshana12, ggd-thebootshana20, lvlz-twinklejin04, lvlz-twinklejin17, lvlz-twinkleyein01, lvlz-twinkleyein09, rv-russianroulette09, rv-russianroulette12, bts-micdrop04, bts-micdrop08, jennie-solo15, jennie-solo16 (14/20)
- Donations: fis9-dkdkhayoung08
by Lex @ 14 Jan 2019 06:06 am
New Decks: jennie-solo12, loona-favorite06, loona-favorite15, rv-russianroulette10, rv-russianroulette16, wg-whysolonelysunmi12, wg-whysolonelysunmi18, aoa-heartattackjimin12, aoa-heartattackmina18, ggd-thebootshana09, april-maydayrachel10, fis9-dkdkhayoung04, lvlz-twinklejin07, lvlz-twinkleyein11, bts-micdrop11, bts-micdrop12, btob-missingyoueunkwang06, btob-missingyoueunkwang07, nuest-whereyouatbaekho07, nuest-whereyouatbaekho08

by Mirabel @ 14 Jan 2019 06:31 pm
deck pulls: nct-blackonblackrenjun17 nct-blackonblackrenjun18, svt-prettyu19, svt-prettyu20, jennie-solo17, jennie-solo18, tbz-righthereeric11, tbz-righthereeric12, fis9-dkdkhayoung01, fis9-dkdkhayoung02, bts-micdrop01, bts-micdrop02, ateez-treasuremingi07, ateez-treasuremingi08 (14/20)

Congratz to all the new staff!
by Selena @ 15 Jan 2019 12:36 pm
congrats to everyone! :)

New Decks: bts-micdrop01, bts-micdrop02, loona-favorite01, loona-favorite02, rv-russianroulette01, rv-russianroulette02, aoa-heartattackmina06, aoa-heartattackmina17, btob-missingyoueunkwang11, btob-missingyoueunkwang19, jennie-solo03, jennie-solo17, nct-blackonblackrenjun12, nct-blackonblackrenjun13, nuest-whereyouataron10, nuest-whereyouataron20, svt-prettyu04, svt-prettyu17
by Vaini @ 24 Jan 2019 06:10 pm
Update pulls (190113): svt-prettyu13, svt-prettyu18, ateez-treasuremingi02, ateez-treasuremingi03, nct-blackonblackrenjun03, nct-blackonblackrenjun04, bts-micdrop07, bts-micdrop13 08/20
by Mirabel @ 26 Jan 2019 01:41 pm
deck pulls: loona-favorite17, loona-favorite18 (16/20)
by Whitney @ 27 Jan 2019 04:46 pm
New Decks: fis9-dkdkhayoung19, fis9-dkdkhayoung20, nct-blackonblackrenjun02, nct-blackonblackrenjun18, btob-missingyouilhoon05, btob-missingyouilhoon10, wg-whysolonelysunmi15, wg-whysolonelysunmi16 (8/20)

Thank you! I'll be back for the rest of my pulls soon!
by Whitney @ 28 Jan 2019 01:38 am
New Decks: bts-micdrop12, bts-micdrop13, svt-prettyu14, svt-prettyu19 (12/20)

Thank you!
by Andrea @ 11 Mar 2019 09:05 pm
New Decks (01/13/2019) (18/18): bts-micdrop09, bts-micdrop17, rv-russianroulette11, rv-russianroulette15, wg-whysolonelysunmi05, wg-whysolonelysunmi08, fis9-dkdkhayoung08, fis9-dkdkhayoung19, loona-favorite01, loona-favorite19, svt-prettyu06, svt-prettyu07, tbz-righthereeric16, tbz-righthereeric19, nct-blackonblackrenjun13, nct-blackonblackrenjun15, nuest-whereyouatbaekho17, nuest-whereyouatbaekho18
by Cassidy @ 08 Apr 2019 12:08 am
- New Decks (190113): +aoa-heartattackjimin03, aoa-heartattackjimin05, aoa-heartattackmina18, aoa-heartattackmina20, loona-favorite03, loona-favorite07 (20/20)
by Cami @ 22 May 2019 01:34 pm
New Decks (190113): aoa-heartattackjimin01, aoa-heartattackjimin02, aoa-heartattackmina03, aoa-heartattackmina04, lvlz-twinklejin05, lvlz-twinklejin06, lvlz-twinkleyein07, lvlz-twinkleyein08, rv-russianroulette09, rv-russianroulette10, wg-whysolonelysunmi01, wg-whysolonelysunmi02, svt-prettyu03, svt-prettyu04, loona-favorite05, loona-favorite06, bts-micdrop07, bts-micdrop08, april-maydayrachel09, april-maydayrachel10
by Mirabel @ 28 May 2019 08:39 pm
deck pulls: aoa-heartattackjimin07, aoa-heartattackjimin09 (18/20)
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