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10th, 11th and 12th day of christmas

I've been neglectful, but Nikki and I are back with an update. We just have to wrap up our Christmas event, first!

ON THE 10th DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY ADMINS (AND AWHYLIME) GAVE TO ME: A beautiful FREE display icon, which you can take advantage of over on the forum. This wish will expire on January 20th so please make sure you're getting in there! If you have purchased a display icon in the month of January and do not wish to get a free one, you may return yourself the 100 coins you spent this month! That being said, you will just be skipping over this wish. Member who haven't spent money on a display icon yet this month can not take 100 coins, even if they wish to not get a display icon.

ON THE 11th DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY ADMINS GAVE TO ME: The gift of playing games twice! I've explained this better under the games header below!

ON THE 12th DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY ADMINS GAVE TO ME: A brand new forum game, which I have been very excited to give to you guys. There are better ways to implement this, but I am proud to present our tentative Daily Login Bonus, which I am hoping to switch to something encoded into the site once I get to figuring it out!

As this update is coming at our members quite late, I invite those of you who are only tuning in on Monday (or even those who are not in the mood to do it tonight) to double post their rewards tomorrow so that you can mark both Sunday and Monday off, like the rest of our members.

From now on, getting this game up on a Sunday as early as possible will be a huge priority of mine (with Melinda's reliable help, I am sure) to ensure everyone has their chance to start on Sunday.

everything else


I'm very happy to say that I'm close to finished on the site swap. Profiles are almost done, and then it's just a case of switching over some of the random pages that are less used. I have been managing my time as well as possible and the site is looking as good as I could have hoped. Thank you for all the patience and honestly, the kind words have been much appreciated. You guys are very sweet and I hope it makes your experience a little more pleasant!

trade etiquette

I think that our community is very friendly and most of our members are incredibly comfortable with one another, but I do need to remind our members to make sure they have permission before putting through a trade with someone, whether this is a note on their profile that says it's okay or you've received a trade response. In cases where it's the last card you need, or you're in a rush, please reach out to that individual instead so that they can have an opportunity to give you permission. I know that a lot of our users have very relaxed policies on trading, but don't put a trade through for some others unless you're sure, please! ♥ Just in case, because you never know.


Set 2 is the the latest set to be visited by our game fairy, Nikki. She says that the games are easy, but I'll be the judge of that when I try them later! Please play our weekly games, too.

As per the 11th day of Christmas, members are free to play our weekly set a second time. This does not include Doubles Exchange! For members who hold the Pink iPod, this will not include taking the additional reward line. Just the once! All members are welcome to refresh the page.

You already know Melinda is killing it this week with the forum games! If you haven't already checked those out, please head over to the Fun and Games forum!

EDIT: Candies are hidden! If you happen to find a candy with a dead link, that means we didn't properly remove it! Just let us know and we can fix it. ^^

folder changes

The folders for our custom content has changed. I've gone over the changes on Twitter and in the Discord, but I wanted to repeat them one more time for anyone who is not part of either!

Level Badges:

Display Icons: (does not include member cards, as those are still mine to manage!)

Era Mastery Badges:

Custom Mastery Badges:

Mini Mastery Badges:

I also would like to mention that in changing folders, some content may have been missed. If you notice anything broken on the site, please let me know so that I can quickly replace the image! I have checked for most, but there are still some badges out there, I'm sure of it.

new decks

Blew it on making decks this week, but looking forward to seeing you guys in our deck-previews channel tomorrow for a change of pace! This week, I am sorry for the lack of era decks, but you're welcome for the beautiful new site. Love you guys!

PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 20 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 18 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

Posted on 190106 by caitlin

by Nicky @ 06 Jan 2019 09:26 pm
Deck Pulls: bts-dnajungkook01, bts-dnajungkook02
Donator Pull: bts-dnajungkook03
by Cassidy @ 07 Jan 2019 12:49 am
New Decks: gf-megustastu03, gf-megustastu07, lvlz-twinklekei07, lvlz-twinklekei11, rv-oneofthesenights01, rv-oneofthesenights06, seohyun-dontsaynoera01, seohyun-dontsaynoera02, bts-dnajungkook05, bts-dnajungkook06, bts-dope03, bts-dope04, mmoo-yesiam06, mmoo-yesiam07 (14/20)
by Alecks @ 07 Jan 2019 02:11 am
New Decks (20/20): lvlz-twinklekei01, lvlz-twinklekei02, mmoo-yesiam01, mmoo-yesiam02, loona-aroundyou01, loona-aroundyou02, bts-dope09, bts-dope10, nct-blackonblackmark11, nct-blackonblackmark12, skz-district9in11, skz-district9in12, svt-lililiyabbay07, svt-lililiyabbay08, got7-fly09, got7-fly10, bts-dnajungkook08, bts-dnajungkook09, rv-oneofthesenights13, rv-oneofthesenights14
by Echo @ 07 Jan 2019 05:37 am
New Decks (190106) (12/18): bts-dope11, bts-dope12, nct-blackonblackmark03, nct-blackonblackmark04, loona-aroundyou12, loona-aroundyou18, rv-oneofthesenights05, rv-oneofthesenights14, seohyun-dontsaynoera10, seohyun-dontsaynoera20, skz-district9in05, skz-district9in07
Donation Pull: skz-district9in09
by Mirabel @ 08 Jan 2019 12:33 pm
(Feels good to be able to post pulls again. thanks!)
Deck pulls: nct-blackonblackmark10, nct-blackonblackmark11, lvlz-twinklekei03, lvlz-twinklekei08, svt-lililiyabbay03, svt-lililiyabbay08, svt-boomboom03, svt-boomboom08, loona-aroundyou13, loona-aroundyou14, bts-dnajungkook05, bts-dnajungkook06, bts-dope05, bts-dope06 (14/20)
by Selena @ 08 Jan 2019 01:57 pm
New Decks: bts-dnajungkook01, bts-dnajungkook02, bts-dope01, bts-dope02, loona-aroundyou01, loona-aroundyou02, rv-oneofthesenights01, rv-oneofthesenights02, gf-megustastu16, gf-megustastu20, got7-fly05, got7-fly11, mmoo-yesiam08, mmoo-yesiam19, seohyun-dontsaynoera05, seohyun-dontsaynoera16, twice-signal14, twice-signal20

by Eimii @ 08 Jan 2019 07:46 pm
deck pulls: gf-megustastu17, gf-megustastu14, loona-aroundyou13, loona-aroundyou18, lvlz-twinklekei01, lvlz-twinklekei16, mmoo-yesiam04, mmoo-yesiam11, rv-oneofthesenights05, rv-oneofthesenights13, seohyun-dontsaynoera11, seohyun-dontsaynoera14, twice-signal08, twice-signal13, svt-lililiyabbay12, svt-lililiyabbay09, svt-boomboom06, svt-boomboom10, bts-dnajungkook04, bts-dnajungkook07
by Alecks @ 11 Jan 2019 06:59 pm
just catching up on remaining pulls from previous updates dropping a full comment here because the comment sections on other posts werent letting me through captcha

- July 22 Decks: exo-kokobopchanyeol01, exo-kokobopchanyeol02, shinee-viewtaemin02, shinee-viewtaemin03
- August 19 Decks: ioi-dreamgirlssohye02, ioi-dreamgirlssohye04
- September 2 Decks: april-muahhyunjoo02, april-muahhyunjoo03, astro-crazysexycoolmoonbin01, astro-crazysexycoolmoonbin02, wjsn-happyyeoreum02, wjsn-happyyeoreum03
- September 9 Decks: astro-crazysexycool03, astro-crazysexycool04, ioi-dreamgirls01, ioi-dreamgirls02, wjsn-happydawon01, wjsn-happydawon02, svt-dontwannacryvernon01, svt-dontwannacryvernon02
- September 16 Decks: wjsn-happy01, wjsn-happy02, ioi-dreamgirlssujeong01
- September 23 Decks: ioi-dreamgirlschungha01, ioi-dreamgirlschungha02
- November 11 Decks: lvlz-twinklejisoo01, lvlz-twinkjisoo02, exo-monsterchen01, exo-monsterchen02
- November 25 Decks: april-muahjinsoul01, april-muahjinsoul02, lvlz-twinklebabysoul01, lvlz-twinklebabysoul02
- December 16 Decks: april-muahyena01, aprilmuahyena02, lvlz-twinklejiae01, lvlz-twinklejiae02
- December 23 Decks: twice-knockknock01, twice-knockknock02
by Haylee @ 12 Jan 2019 01:53 am
New Decks: loona-aroundyou09, loona-aroundyou10, bts-dope03, bts-dope04, skz-district9in03, skz-district9in04, got7-fly05, got7-fly06, rv-oneofthesenights01, rv-oneofthesenights02, bts-dnajungkook19, bts-dnajungkook20, mmoo-yesiam16, mmoo-yesiam17, nct-blackonblackmark03, nct-blackonblackmark04, svt-lililiyabbay05, svt-lililiyabbay06, twice-signal07, twice-signal09
by Whitney @ 12 Jan 2019 07:41 pm
New Decks: bts-dnajungkook03, bts-dnajungkook17, bts-dope01, bts-dope20, gf-megustastu09, gf-megustastu17, got7-fly12, got7-fly18, loona-aroundyou05, loona-aroundyou15, lvlz-twinklekei02, lvlz-twinklekei07, nct-blackonblackmark04, nct-blackonblackmark07, rv-oneofthesenights17, rv-oneofthesenights18, seohyun-dontsaynoera10, seohyun-dontsaynoera15, wooyoung-quitera10, wooyoung-quitera15

Thank you! :)
by cecelia @ 12 Jan 2019 10:13 pm
New Decks (190106): gf-megustastu13, gf-megustastu17, loona-aroundyou03, loona-aroundyou08, lvlz-twinklekei02, lvlz-twinklekei19, mmoo-yesiam07, mmoo-yesiam13, rv-oneofthesenights16, rv-oneofthesenights18, seohyun-dontsaynoera04, seohyun-dontsaynoera05, twice-signal01, twice-signal09 (14/20)

deck donator: seohyun-dontsaynoera08
by Lex @ 13 Jan 2019 06:27 am
New Decks: loona-aroundyou04, loona-aroundyou11, mmoo-yesiam12, mmoo-yesiam18, rv-oneofthesenights09, rv-oneofthesenights19, twice-signal06, twice-signal19, gf-megustastu02, gf-megustastu15, lvlz-twinklekei06, seohyun-dontsaynoera13, bts-dnajungkook14, bts-dope16, got7-fly04, nct-blackonblackmark14, skz-district9in06, svt-boomboom15, svt-lililiyabbay17, wooyoung-quitera11

Donated: loona-aroundyou19
by Shinya @ 20 Jan 2019 03:40 pm
Deck Release: bts-dnajungkook01, bts-dnajungkook02, bts-dope03, bts-dope04, gf-megustastu05, gf-megustastu06, loona-aroundyou09, loona-aroundyou10, nct-blackonblackmark11, nct-blackonblackmark12, rv-oneofthesenights13, rv-oneofthesenights14, seohyun-dontsaynoera15, seohyun-dontsaynoera16, svt-boomboom17, svt-boomboom18, svt-lililiyabbay01, svt-lililiyabbay02
by Vaini @ 24 Jan 2019 05:58 pm
Update pulls (190106): lvlz-twinklekei12, lvlz-twinklekei17, svt-boomboom12, svt-boomboom17, bts-dnajungkook04, bts-dnajungkook06, bts-dope12, bts-dope14, skz-district9in05, skz-district9in06 10/20
by Mirabel @ 26 Jan 2019 08:46 pm
deck pulls: wooyoung-quitera08, wooyoung-quitera09 (16/20)
by Andrea @ 04 Mar 2019 04:15 am
New Decks (01/06/2019) (18/18): loona-aroundyou12, loona-aroundyou18, rv-oneofthesenights17, rv-oneofthesenights20, svt-lililiyabbay16, svt-lililiyabbay19, bts-dope01, bts-dope20, got7-fly06, got7-fly20, svt-boomboom05, svt-boomboom20, bts-dnajungkook15, bts-dnajungkook19, seohyun-dontsaynoera07, seohyun-dontsaynoera18, nct-blackonblackmark12, nct-blackonblackmark13
by Cassidy @ 08 Apr 2019 12:02 am
- New Decks (190106): +loona-aroundyou02, loona-aroundyou04 (16/20)
by Cassidy @ 10 Apr 2019 12:45 am
- New Decks (190106): +twice-signal11, twice-signal12 (18/20)
by Mirabel @ 17 Apr 2019 06:18 pm
deck pulls: rv-oneofthesenights13, rv-oneofthesenights14 (18/20)
by Cami @ 22 May 2019 01:29 pm
New Decks (190106): gf-megustastu01, gf-megustastu02, lvlz-twinklekei03, lvlz-twinklekei04, rv-oneofthesenights05, rv-oneofthesenights06, twice-signal01, twice-signal02, svt-boomboom03, svt-boomboom04, loona-aroundyou05, loona-aroundyou06, got7-fly07, got7-fly08, bts-dope09, bts-dope10, bts-dnajungkook11, bts-dnajungkook12, seohyun-dontsaynoera13, seohyun-dontsaynoera14
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