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7th, 8th and 9th day of christmas

On Monday night, Nikki and I went to see a musical with a mutual friend. When we got home, she reminded me that we have to post a gift, but we agreed it would be okay to post two yesterday. Unfortunately, I am the queen of excuses and I live to break the site, so you guys were left waiting until right now. This very second. I'm here to give you your 7th and 8th day... And maybe this is our monthly update? So let's do this. Let's do gifts first so that you aren't stuck waiting for them.

ON THE 7th DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY ADMINS GAVE TO ME: This is actually the greatest gift we are going to give you guys this season, and it was inspired by our very own Danni who seems to always have a ton of doubles. As of today, our doubles policy has changed dramatically and members are definitely encouraged to log in and peek in on our new Weekly Doubles Exchange.

ON THE 8th DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY ADMINS GAVE TO ME: 15 choice cards... BUT YOU HAD BETTER PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAPS, because we're going to play a little game with our choice cards today!

It's basically Card Chain, but you're going to play it all alone. For the 1st card, you can pick anything you want, but the second card must start with the last letter of your previous choice card. If your first card is svt-dontwannacryjeonghan15, your next card can either be: nct-boss01 or got7-nevereverjackson12.

In this chain, you are not allowed to take more than 3 cards from the same deck. You're free to master with as many as you'd like.

ON THE 9TH DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY ADMINS GAVE TO ME: An opportunity to finally master the Mini Mastery you missed. All topics are open again on the forum and I promise I got permission from Lindsay to do this.

This is not a chance to re-master Mini Masteries. This is not an option, sorry! However, if you only mastered 1/4, or 2/4 etc, please feel free to complete the ones you didn't hand in for the badges you missed!

now, let's talk about the site

As you have likely noticed, I am in the middle of making very drastic changes to the site. I am taking my time with the change over to make sure that nothing breaks along the way (haha that's going so well) and that the pages look how I want them to look. That is why half of the site still has the old layout, and the rest of the site has the new one.

Because of this, you may not be able to find certain pages. Specifically, your new member panel is being worked on and that means your usual links are not on display anywhere. If you want to log into the site, you will be redirected to a broken page, but I promise the login will work! But, if you point your browser to the old index page, it will have your reward links!

Any pages that have the new layout are good to go! Some need to be tweaked, because they're heckin' ugly, but I swear they're still fully functional. As I mentioned earlier, I am expecting no more downtime for the site and I'm very excited to get the rest of the pages up to speed.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that I have decided to go ahead with alphabetizing the masters on our deck pages. I would really like to thank Sola for bringing this idea to me, because I think that the forum discussion really helped me understand you guys a little bit better and I appreciate that the members who were honestly fine and comfortable with a more competitive TCG were willing to bend to accommodate other's feelings. Thank you! Let's give this a try for a while.

staff applications

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have read every DM that came in and I will be reaching out to you guys over the next couple of days. I really appreciate all of the interest and can't wait to talk to you guys!

I do want to mention that we had an incredibly high volume of members who are specifically interesting in handling Boo, and not very many who thought they'd be well suited for helping with events. We had quite a few messages where a member mentioned not being very creative, so I want to say that it's not all about the ideas. That's not all that I'm looking for! I think that we're more interested in finding people who will help us develop the events that we're already cooking up and making sure that it's something manageable and fun for all of the members.

speaking of events

If you were a member of OnStage, you will likely remember our beautiful Be Mine event, which took place in February and allowed our members to create and master a custom deck in exchange for a special badge. It's no secret in the Discord that I have been wanting to do this event again, because I know that our members really enjoy it. Out of all of the events I have hosted, it is my absolute favorite.

You're probably wondering why I'm mentioning it in January, and it is actually very important. In order to master two decks together, we need to make sure that our deck list has any many unique people as possible. This month, I will be going heavy into era decks to try and make sure that the decks people really want to master as a pair are both released. With that being said, we will definitely see less decks of idols who already have a deck released.

It is also worth mentioning to the angels who donate like crazy, that the earlier you get a unique idol in, the faster we can get that deck out. As well, you may see more than one deck from the same group released during the same update. I think that most artists who remain unreleased deserve this, anyway, because a lot of our members have waited for a chance to master their bias either way!

welcome to 2019

It's a brand new year, so I want to spend as much time playing catch up this month as I can. I know that I was slacking in December and did not post the event card (or the birthday badges, but I promise I will soon!), but I'm making it up to you all today.

181201, 190101

181216, 190106

I know that 190106 has not come yet, but we will be hitting 700 decks in a couple of days so it seems like a good idea. Now you aren't waiting for it! You can have it today before we hit 700 on Sunday.

regarding monthly games and things

Monthly games are good to go thanks to our precious Nikki, but you will not find the Chewing Gum candy anywhere on the site. It should be hidden by Sunday and we will let you know. It just seemed silly to hide the candy knowing that I would be ripping the site apart.

I will be putting up the new Mini Mastery topic sometime tonight or tomorrow, as well as the new January birthday event card thread. Otherwise, there is already a new topic for January donations thanks to my dream team over on the forum!

I'm not entirely sure, but I think that's it for tonight. This was not as large as I thought, but I think I'll have more to say on Sunday. I love you guys, have a great night!

Posted on 190102 by caitlin

by newskoth @ 02 Jan 2019 04:22 pm
you haven't seen the last of me
by Whitney @ 12 Jan 2019 07:28 pm
8th day of Christmas: exo-kokobop11, bp-playingwithfirerose09, exo-kokobop12, bp-playingwithfirerose11, exo-kokobop13, bp-playingwithfirerose15, exo-kokobopbaekhyun01, nct-cherrybomb01, ifnt-badhoya01, b1a4-aliecnu01, exo-universe01, exo-universe02, exo-universe03, exo-kokobopsuho12, rv-oneofthesenights01
Events: 181201, 190101, 181216, 190106

Thank you! :)
by Mirabel @ 18 Jan 2019 08:22 pm
8th day of Christmas: mx-rush04, mx-herowonho07, omg-coloringbook11, got7-hardcarry06, dc-youandi18, sistar-ilikethatsoyou19, mx-rush11, hyuna-babe19, exid-nightratherthanday07, bts-youngforever17, sistar-shakeit04, twice-likeychaeyoung06, loona-egoist20, twice-likeyjihyo09, omg-coloringbook20

Events: 181201, 190101, 181216, 190106
by Whitney @ 19 Jan 2019 12:30 am
Hi! I noticed on the discord that rv-oneofthesenights can't be used since it was released after this went I have removed that card I claimed above and replaced it with omg-secretgardenyooa01.

by Cami @ 22 May 2019 01:22 pm
Event Cards (190102): 181201, 190101, 181216, 190106
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