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29 posted by caitlin (181209)

Well, as tempting as it is for me to just close the site and start again, we have decided to go ahead with our Sunday update as planned. There are a few issues that I haven't been able to resolve during this horrible move from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7+ and they'll all become known in this short as heck update.

but first, games

Please go ahead and play Set 1, Set 2, and our Monthly Games which Nikki has been SO KIND TO UPDATE FOR ME while I attempt to fix all of the randomizers, which has turned out to be a very big job. Thanks for all of the patience, guys!

As always, our forum games are free to be played, too!

everything else lmao

So, I feel terrible, but switching to a newer version of PHP broke the entire site. I knew this, but for security reasons and just wanting an updated site, I thought it would be a great idea! What this means for me, as an admin, is that I have to go and switch out every instance of MySQL and exchange it for the newer MySQLi, as well as find other instances of things that need to be changed. This also means that for some reason, I am having an impossible time updating our admin panel. That means I can't release decks unless I do it manually and I am just too frustrated with the site to even live the truth right now, angels.

In light of everything, I am not giving up and I think I'll just need to seek a little bit of help in getting our admin panel back up and running. During this time, I've taken away the option to do deck voting (because it isn't working, even with the change in code) and I need to figure out which PHP 5.6 code has depreciated enough to the point where I can't use it anymore.

Going to seek out some help with this between now and next week, so hopefully I can get it back together.

With that being said, I think that December is the perfect month for us to catch up on some back end crap while giving you guys some festive treats! Keep an eye out, because we have some plans that we think you guys will enjoy. ^^

I know that I am very behind on badges as well, but I have a fix for that! If there are any December forum threads that are missing, I will be adding them soon (likely tomorrow) when I am updating custom content in the forum! Love you guys. Thanks for all of the patience, angels.

OH! And just because you guys have missed out on some cards, here is a randomizer for you to take from! ^^

caitlin (181209)

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