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28 posted by nikki (181125)

It's Sunday and for some reason this Starbucks is FULL so this update brought to you by Caitlin and Nikki who are yelling at each other about k-pop in a noisy cafe.

wish upon a star

A couple cute wishes this week. First, we have one from Danni in classic Danni style who says


One year ago, on November 24th, 2017, the song Try Again was released on SM Station. It's lyrics? A reminder to remember your purpose and keep going. The vocals? A soothing melody to calm yourself in the most trying times. And the video? A three-minute excuse to stare at Jaehyun's beautiful face.

Now, I'm not gonna lie. Danni wished for everyone to go back and "try again" by taking additional pulls from NCT decks. However, I gotta admit that that sounds like it would benefit her most of all because she would end up taking most of them from you as one of our resident biggest NCTzens. So, I'm modifying it a little (sorry, Danni).

Everyone can choose one artist (that is, one group or solo artist). You can go back to deck releases prior to today, choose three decks from that group/artist and pull two cards from each. "What if the artist I choose has less than three decks?" you may ask. And to that I say "choose a different one, ya brat."

Our second very cute wish comes from Luna who tells us that Saku just got engaged. Congrats, Saku! Luna asked for cards spelling out LUVTAEYONG to celebrate which like...lmao. We like it. NCT day. Choice cards spelling out LUVTAEYONG, no more than two per deck, decks must have been released BEFORE TODAY!

Okay I've just had another wish submitted to me, by my best friend who is sitting next to me right now. Caitlin has wished for some cards to help out our cutie newer members by giving them a bit of a boost. This wish is for every who has LESS THAN 900 CARDS at the time of this update. If that means you, click HERE to receive a little gift from (probably) your favourite admin. Happy trading, angels!

fun n games

Caitlin has kindly updated Set 2 games this week, so please direct all of your complaints to HER (I know I have a few). CARD CHAIN, SCAVENGER HUNT, HIGHER OR LOWER have all been set up by lovely Melinda and Caitlin has all of your FREEBIES right heeya.

one more little tiny thing

We know that one of the biggest frustrations with our site is the fact that it doesn't FREAKING REMEMBER you and you have to relogin every time you come here. Caitlin has been taking courses on coding and honestly she's a genius imo but this is one thing she hasn't quite figured out how to do yet because cookies are delicious, but complicated. She wants me to tell you guys that if you don't close your browser, it will keep you logged in for two weeks, so that's great for all of you like me who never actually turn your computer off. She is working on a bunch of new coding for the site, though, so I'm excited for some changes coming up! She wants you all to know she IS going to get to custom content but right now she's just very motivated to code and create things and she's on a roll so we're gonna let her go. That's all!


PREJOIN MEMBERS can take 24 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
REGULAR MEMBERS can take 22 cards without exceeding 2 per deck.
DECK MAKERS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.
DECK DONATORS can take an additional 1 card from the deck they donated.

nikki (181125)

Mirabel  @ 25 Nov 2018 11:27 am

deck pulls: gsd-ringmybellsojin11, gsd-ringmybellsojin12, svt-adoreuthe811, svt-adoreuthe812, wjsn-happyxuanyi03, wjsn-happyxuanyi04, exo-tempo16, exo-tempo17, nct-blackonblackdoyoung13, nct-blackonblackdoyoung14, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong05, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong06, bts-dnajimin03, bts-dnajimin04 (14/24)

rose  @ 25 Nov 2018 11:47 am

deck pulls: nct-blackonblackdoyoung07, nct-blackonblackdoyoung08, twice-likeychaeyoung07, twice-likeychaeyoung08, exo-tempo12, exo-tempo13, gsd-ringmybellsojin15, gsd-ringmybellsojin16, samuel-teenagerera02, samuel-teenagerera04, svt-adoreuthe801, svt-adoreuthe802, rv-badboyjoy08, rv-badboyjoy09, april-muahjinsol20 ikon-blingblingyunhyeong13, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong14, bts-dnajimin09, bts-dnajimin10, loona-vivid01, loona-vivid02

donator pulls: april-muahjinsol01, samuel-teenagerera01

i wish (LUV SAKU): samuel-teenager01, unit-nomorehyunjoo03, svt-dontwannacrywoozi03, unit-nomorehyunjoo14, dia-mrpotterjenny05, dia-mrpotterjenny06, dia-mrpotteryebin08, dia-mrpotteryebin09, svt-dontwannacrywoozi02, samuel-teenager02

ruthia  @ 25 Nov 2018 12:18 pm

Deck Pulls: ikon-blingblingyunhyeong07, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong08, exo-tempo10, exo-tempo11, bts-dnajimin13, bts-dnajimin14, april-muahjinsol12, april-muahjinsol13, vixx-chainedup19, vixx-chainedup20, svt-adoreuthe809, svt-adoreuthe810, nct-blackonblackdoyoung11, nct-blackonblackdoyoung12, gsd-ringmybellsojin09, gsd-ringmybellsojin10, twice-likeychaeyoung11, twice-likeychaeyoung12, rv-badboyjoy12, rv-badboyjoy13 (20/24)

Echo  @ 25 Nov 2018 12:32 pm

New Decks (181125) (10/22): rv-badboyjoy15, rv-badboyjoy16, bts-dnajimin19, bts-dnajimin20, nct-blackonblackdoyoung10, nct-blackonblackdoyoung12, vixx-chainedup09, vixx-chainedup10, wjsn-happyxuanyi07, wjsn-happyxuanyi08

Andrea  @ 25 Nov 2018 01:57 pm

tysm for the update! ; v;

for my part, i don't mind so much that the site doesn't remember me or anything, haha. but it's so nice if you to try to make the login more convenient, aaahhh... i hope it goes well; take all the time you need!

New Decks (11/25) (8/22): bts-dnajimin01, bts-dnajimin14, hyuna-babeera15, hyuna-babeera17, loona-vivid02, loona-vivid15, nct-blackonblackdoyoung04, nct-blackonblackdoyoung17

Ari  @ 25 Nov 2018 02:14 pm

thank you for the update!! i'm so excited to see what caitlin has in store for the tcg with her mad coding skillz, but please no rush! ;w;b

New Decks 18/11/25 (: bts-dnajimin04, bts-dnajimin12, exo-tempo02, exo-tempo14, gsd-ringmybellsojin02, gsd-ringmybellsojin18, hyuna-babeera01, hyuna-babeera02, loona-vivid01, loona-vivid03, nct-blackonblackdoyoung01, nct-blackonblackdoyoung02, rv-badboyjoy01, rv-badboyjoy15, svt-adoreuthe809, svt-adoreuthe820 (16/22)

Megan  @ 25 Nov 2018 02:32 pm

Thank you for the update! Congratulations, Saku! <3

New Decks (181125): bts-dnajimin02, bts-dnajimin03, exo-tempo07, exo-tempo09, gsd-ringmybellsojin10, gsd-ringmybellsojin12, hyuna-babeera03, hyuna-babeera04, loona-vivid04, loona-vivid05, nct-blackonblackdoyoung03, nct-blackonblackdoyoung05, rv-badboyjoy11, rv-badboyjoy20, svt-adoreuthe802, svt-adoreuthe817 (16/22)

katie  @ 25 Nov 2018 03:48 pm

Deck Pulls: b1a4-aliecnu01, b1a4-aliecnu02, bts-dnajimin12, bts-dnajimin13, exo-tempo04, exo-tempo05, nct-blackonblackdoyoung14, nct-blackonblackdoyoung15, svt-adoreuthe808, svt-adoreuthe809, vixx-chainedup07, vixx-chainedup08, gf-fingertipsinb07, gf-fingertipsinb08, rv-badboyjoy08, rv-badboyjoy09, skz-district9seungmin12, skz-district9seungmin13, hyuna-babeera09, hyuna-babeera17

I Wish (Danni): astro-crazysexycool03, astro-crazysexycool04, astro-crazysexycoolrocky01, astro-crazysexycoolrocky02, astro-crazysexycoolsanha03, astro-crazysexycoolsanha05

I Wish (Luna): mx-jealousy06, mx-jealousy11, vixx-scentist03, exo-monsterkai12, exo-monsterkai13, vixx-scentist06, nct-cherrybombtaeyong02, nct-cherrybombtaeyong06, vixx-shangrilaken02, vixx-shangrilaken04

Alecks  @ 25 Nov 2018 03:53 pm

- I Wish (Danni, 181125): twice-likeymina03, twice-likeymina04, twice-likeynayeon02, twice-likeynayeon03, twice-likeysana03, twice-likeysana05
- I Wish (Luna, 181125): mmoo-decalcomanie04, hyuna-babe04, rv-icecreamcakeyeri18, bp-stay01, rv-icecreamcakeirene18, mmoo-decalcomanie16, bp-stay02, rv-automatic01, hyuna-babe06, ace-takemehigherdonghun15
- New Decks (14/24): wjsn-happyxuanyi09, wjsn-happyxuanyi11, vixx-chainedup07, vixx-chainedup08, rv-badboyjoy03, rv-badboyjoy04, nct-blackonblackdoyoung13, nct-blackonblackdoyoung14, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar10, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar11, twice-likeychaeyoung19, twice-likeychaeyoung20, hyuna-babeera19, hyuna-babeera20

melinda  @ 25 Nov 2018 04:12 pm

- Danni's Wish: (1 artist, three decks, 2 pulls before today): rv-icecreamcakeirene01, rv-icecreamcakeirene11, rv-icecreamcakeseulgi01, rv-icecreamcakeseulgi06, rv-icecreamcakejoy01, rv-icecreamcakejoy04
- Luna's Wish: LUVTAEYONG (2 per deck): fx-4wallsluna01, rv-wouldu14, rv-icecreamcakeirene15, exid-hotpink05, fx-4wallsamber07, fx-4wallsamber12, taeyeon-i08, exid-hotpink09, fx-4wallsluna13, omg-secretgardenhyojung08

New Decks: mmoo-decalcomaniesolar01, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar02, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar03, nm-remembersojin04, nm-remembersojin18, b1a4-aliecnu03, b1a4-aliecnu04, vixx-chainedup05, vixx-chainedup06, rv-badboyjoy01, rv-badboyjoy02, twice-likeychaeyoung01, twice-likeychaeyoung02, bts-dnajimin05, bts-dnajimin06, gf-fingertipsinb01, gf-fingertipsinb02, svt-adoreuthe805, svt-adoreuthe806, exo-tempo14, exo-tempo15, ifnt-thatsummer01, ifnt-thatsummer02 (24/24)

alll done ty!!

Alecks  @ 25 Nov 2018 04:13 pm

New Decks (16/24): bts-dnajimin03, bts-dnajimin04

Catherine  @ 25 Nov 2018 04:51 pm

- Deck Pulls: bts-dnajimin11, bts-dnajimin20, sf9-nowornever11, sf9-nowornever20, vixx-chainedup11, vixx-chainedup20, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong11, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong20, nm-remembersojin11, nm-remembersojin20, skz-district9seungmin11, skz-district9seungmin20, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar11, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar20, nct-blackonblackdoyoung11, nct-blackonblackdoyoung20, svt-adoreuthe811, svt-adoreuthe820, rv-badboyjoy11, rv-badboyjoy20
- Wishes: bts-bloodsweatandtearsjungkook06, bts-bloodsweatandtearsjungkook13, rv-redflavorseulgi18, pristin-getit06, A, rv-icecreamcakewendy14, rv-icecreamcakewendy06, nct-boss04, pristin-getit12, rv-redflavorseulgi19, exo-kokobop07, exo-kokobop09, exo-kokobopchanyeol01, exo-kokobopchanyeol07, exo-kokobopdo09, exo-kokobopdo10

Alecks  @ 25 Nov 2018 04:59 pm

New Decks (20/24): gsd-ringmybellsojin06, gsd-ringmybellsojin07, sf9-nowornever04, sf9-nowornever05

Nicky  @ 25 Nov 2018 05:04 pm

Deck Pulls (18/11/25): bts-dnajimin01, bts-dnajimin20, vixx-chainedup05, vixx-chainedup06, nct-blackonblackdoyoung01, nct-blackonblackdoyoung02 (6/24)

Cassidy  @ 25 Nov 2018 05:04 pm

- New Decks: gf-fingertipsinb19, gf-fingertipsinb20, rv-badboyjoy10, rv-badboyjoy13, vixx-chainedup11, vixx-chainedup12, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong03, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong04, bts-dnajimin13, bts-dnajimin14, exo-tempo08, exo-tempo09, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar12, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar13 (14/24)

Andrea  @ 25 Nov 2018 05:06 pm

New Decks (11/25) (10/22): twice-likeychaeyoung13, twice-likeychaeyoung14

Selena  @ 25 Nov 2018 05:26 pm

New Decks: bts-dnajimin05, bts-dnajimin06, exo-tempo01, exo-tempo02, loona-vivid01, loona-vivid02, rv-badboyjoy02, rv-badboyjoy06, vixx-chainedup01, vixx-chainedup02, april-muahjinsol16, april-muahjinsol17, ds-frisatsun06, ds-frisatsun11, hyuna-babeera10, hyuna-babeera20, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong05, ikon-blingblingyunhyeong14, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar02, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar09, nct-blackonblackdoyoung07, nct-blackonblackdoyoung14
LOONA Decks: loona-girlfrontchoerry09, loona-girlfrontchoerry10, loona-girlfrontkimlip06, loona-girlfrontkimlip07, loona-loveandlivevivi03, loona-loveandlivevivi04
LUVTAEYONG: loona-girlfrontchoerry12, bts-ineedujin05, bts-bloodsweatandtearsv05, bts-ineedujin06, loona-girlfrontkimlip09, bts-bloodsweatandtearsv06, loona-girlfrontchoerry15, mx-herohyungwon06, loona-girlfrontkimlip12, mx-herohyungwon08

Cassidy  @ 25 Nov 2018 05:51 pm

- New Decks: +gsd-ringmybellsojin01, gsd-ringmybellsojin06, ifnt-thatsummer01, ifnt-thatsummer14, lvlz-twinklebabysoul03, lvlz-twinklebabysoul06, wjsn-happyxuanyi01, wjsn-happyxuanyi06 (22/24)
- Donation Extra: wjsn-happyxuanyi20

Nicky  @ 25 Nov 2018 05:54 pm

Deck Pulls (18/11/25): b1a4-aliecnu08, b1a4-aliecnu09 (8/24)

Megan  @ 25 Nov 2018 05:59 pm

I Wish (Danni) (181125): bts-run08, bts-run09, bts-bloodsweatandtearsjimin16, bts-bloodsweatandtearsjimin20, bts-bloodsweatandtearssuga06, bts-bloodsweatandtearssuga09

I Wish (Saku) (181125): bts-bloodsweatandtearssuga13, bts-run10, svt-adoreudk13, svt-adoreudk14, mx-trespass11, mx-trespass10, got7-ifyoudo03, bts-bloodsweatandtearssuga12, tiffany-ijustwannadance06, got7-ifyoudo11

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