Heart Hunt

Throughout the Idolise decks, your admins have hidden tiny hearts within the card images. Don't panic! We aren't going to make you search blindly through all of the decks. We've prepared a couple of hints to help you out. Yes, some of these hints might apply to more than one idol, so you might have to check a couple of decks! Use Google, phone a friend, whatever you need to do to solve the hint. Once you think you've figured it out, find the deck, travel to the deck page (full view, not quick view!) find the card with the heart on it, and click on it to be taken to your rewards.

Here is Miss Yeri demonstrating what you're looking for.

What can you do with the chocolates you've found? Once you've collected three of them, head over to the forum to exchange your chocolate for a choice card. These choice cards can only be used for our Be Mine event! If you're not participating in the event, we'll give you a chance to exchange your chocolates for some random cards at the end of the month, if you wish.

If you'd like to keep track of your chocolates, we recommend adding a new currency field for Idolise in ETCG's settings (or you can just jot it down on a notepad, whatever works for you).

You must be logged in in order to collect your chocolates. Your admins will be keeping track of who's found what, so don't even think about cheating.

Week 1 Hints!

1. This idol has produced songs for both his own group and two girl groups. B1A4 - Jinyoung

2. This idol has her own youtube channel where she posts vlogs and Q&As. CLC - Sorn

3. This idol left the original group she debuted in, then rebuted through a temporary group formed in a survival show. UNI.T - Hyunjoo

4. This idol has a younger brother in another idol group under the same company as him. Infinite - Sungyeol

5. This idol recently changed his stage name to an abbrievation of his original stage name. BTS - RM

6. This idol is the niece of her company's president. SNSD - Sunny

7. This idol is the maknae of her group, but many think she is the oldest because she looks so mature. Apink - Hayoung

8. This idol was in the same temporary group as hint #3, and left her company late last year. UNI.T/Dal Shabet - Woohee

9. This idol trained for six years before debuting in one of the Big 3 companies. EXO - Suho

10. This idol promoted in her original group and a temporary group simultaneously in 2016. DIA/I.O.I - Chaeyeon

11. This idol was born on Jeju Island and briefly lived in the Philippines. iKON - Jinhwan

12. This idol uses his stage name backwards + his hometown's initials for his solo work. BTS - Suga

13. This idol's older sister debuted as a solo artist under JYP. BTOB - Ilhoon

14. This idol had stint on Unpretty Rapstar. AOA - Jimin

15. This idol lived in Texas for a large portion of her childhood. Chungha

Week 2 Hints!

16. This male idol was the lead actor for a music video released by a female subgroup from his company. SF9 - Dawon

17. This idol took 1st place in her survival program. Fromis_9 - Jisung

18. This idol really left his real name behind when he chose to rock a different first and last name as his stage name. Astro - Eunwoo

19. This vocalist is quite famous for being a demo singer for songwriter! Nine Muses - Keumjo

20. This idol has been a contestant on “The Voice Kids”, “Superstar K4”, and the “National Singing Contest” and "Produce 101". Pristin - Eunwoo

21. This idol, along with a few of their group members, shared a cameo in the drama "Age of Youth 2". Pentagon - Kino

22. This idol is the only person in her group who can't speak English fluently. BLACKPINK - Jisoo

23. This idol wanted to become an artist after hearing TVXQ's Something. NCT - Yuta

24. This bunny idol has purchased bunny toys for the rest of his group and staff, just so they have something to remind them of him. Monsta X - Wonho

25. This idol officially left her group in May, 2018. DIA - Eunjin

26. This idol is often represented by the color green. Red Velvet - Joy

27. In November 2016, this idol made her debut in China as a solo artist. Miss A - Jia

28. This idol made an appearance on "I Can See Your Voice", and actually won their episode! ACE - Donghun

29. This idol spent the majority of 2018 as a fixed cast member for a (now cancelled) quiz show. Seventeen - Seungkwan

30. Before debut, this idol went to school for a degree in mechanical engineering. Girls Day - Sojin

Week 3 Hints!

31. This Busan boy appeared on SuperstarK when he was just 11 years old. Wanna One - Woojin

32. This idol used to be represented by the color orange, and is a known former SM Entertainment trainee. Rainbow - Woori

33. Prior to debut, this idol released a solo music video featuring a popular SM idol! Lovelyz - Jin

34. This tall maknae can play the violin! Pentagon - Wooseok

35. This Jeju born idol has a pig named Ggul. The Boyz - Haknyeon

36. This idol has practiced Taekwondo, since childhood, and is also a 3rd-degree black belt. Apink - Bomi

37. This Daegu born idol's first album ever purchased was Girls' Generation. BTS - V

38. This idol was on Kpop Star season 1. iKON - Junhoe

39. This idol is represented by this image on the variety show she's a part of. WJSN - Luda

40. This idol, much to our surprise, used live in a buddhist temple as a young monk. VIXX - Hongbin

41. This idol (whose solo career was Very recently announced) might just be better known for his brand power than his rapping. Wanna One - Daniel

42. This idol suffered from a fratured shin in 2018! No idea how they're doing, but I'll consider asking Danni. NCT - Haechan

43. This idol is a close childhood friend of Astro's Moonbin! GFriend - Sinb

44. This idol was born in Korea, but spent most of their life traveling the world with their scientist father. Monsta X - IM

45. This idol has been featured in the OST for dramas like "Radio Romance", "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" and "This is My First Life". Gugudan - Haebin

Week 4 Hints!

46. This idol was scouted at a festival in his hometown of Los Angeles. Seventeen - Joshua

47. This idol specializes in traditional Chinese dance (and apparently has a dog with the same name as Nikki's!) NCT - WinWin

48. This idol is so powerful that after she shot a commercial for a fast food retaurant last year, they saw an increase in sales of 30% the next month! Mamamoo - Hwasa

49. This idol's family name is so rare that supposedly only 370 people in her home country share it. Twice - Mina

50. This idol is a total fool for his older sister, who is a news reporter! EXO - Chanyeol

51. This idol is from the southern Boseong county, known for their green tea. Fromis_9 - Jiheon

52. This idol studied English in London for one year. SF9 - Inseong

53. This idol was close to Wanna One's Daehwi in high school. Stray Kids - Seungmin

54. This idol's Daegu accent was so strong when she first became a trainee, she was too shy to talk to other trainees. Red Velvet - Irene

55. This idol looked like he was on track to win the competition show he appeared on, until a "scandal" knocked him out of the top right before the last episode. MXM - Youngmin

56. This idol was the maknae of his group, but towered over the rest of them at 6'2". BAP - Zelo

57. This idol (sort of) provided a voice to a popular video game character last year. (G)-IDLE - Soyeon

58. This idol is half Chinese, on his father's side. NCT - Lucas

59. This idol's mother owns a business that is named after her group! DIA - Yebin

60. This idol was often compared to Chun Li after debut. WJSN - Cheng Xiao