Hey. E'Dawn just wants you to know that he sees you working hard and he really respects how driven you are. Idolise games aren't always easy and he just wants to make sure that your trade pile gets a little something extra every week, even if you completely blows it. He just thinks you're that special.

» Take the freebies E'Dawn gives you.
» Try not to find him a little bit cute.


Shine: ptg-shineyeoone18, tbz-rightheresangyeon14, skz-district9leeknow13 +100 coins

Pink iPod Rewards

The following rewards are only for those who currently have a Pink iPod. No need to refresh the rewards page, your cards are right here!

Shine (Pink iPod): loona-loveandlivehyunjin13, fis9-dkdkchaeyoung18, nct-blackonblackjaemin17 +100 coins