A Girl Like Me

There's no one quite like Kang Mina, but she kind of wishes she could find someone as enthusiastic about Idolise as she is. Every week she's on the hunt to see who has mastered the same decks as her.

» Check out the cards below, and see which are from decks that you have mastered.
» Click the corresponding number to how many decks you were able to match.
» The below cards are static and refreshing the page will not change them.

april-aprilstory, nct-blackonblackjohnny, unit-imeaneuijin, nct-limitless
astro-crazysexycoolmoonbin, bts-saveme, loona-girlfront, ace-takemehigherjun
rv-reallybadboy, sf9-osolemiochani, izone-lavieenroseyena, svt-prettyuwonwoo

How many decks have you mastered?

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4-10 cards