Seunghoon watches a lot of music videos. He's all about personal growth, so it comes as no surprise that he gets a little emotional watching the artists he likes and admire getting better over the years. Each month, Seunghoon studies a new artist and he wants to share a few of his favorite music videos with you! To keep you from quickly glancing at the following images, he decided a puzzle would keep your attention for a little while longer. There are some cards in it for you! Especially if you can make it to the last music video.

» Each month, Seunghoon will choose 5 music videos of an artist/group from throught their career and eras.
» He wants you to work to see his carefully selected screencaps so he made copies of them and cut them up into pieces.
» Your job is to put the pieces back together! When you put together one photo, he'll give you a reward and the next photo to complete.
» Continue to do this for all 5 screencaps and he'll give you a grand prize at the end for working so hard!

This month, Seunghoon has chosen to share with you his favorite STRAY KIDS music videos!

Round 1