Secret Garden

Yooa absolutely loves flowers, but her attention span and busy schedule usually means that they die at home when she isn't paying attention. She thought it would be a great idea to attempt some arts and crafts instead, but half way through, she ran out of paper.

She was able to borrow some paper from Hyojung (without permisson), and it turns out it might have been a mistake, because she accidentally used cards for the petals. Now she needs to remove these cards from Hyojung's logs and pray she doesn't notice! She just needs a little help.

» Identify which cards our are used in the flower this month.
» Type out each card name in order from 1-9, following the numbers on the flower. (ex: nct-weyoungchenle05, bts-springday19, twice-likeyjeongyeon20, gf-rougheunha16, exo-kokobopchen05, etc)
» This month, all of the cards in the flower feature era cards from eras that occured in 2015!


15 cards
300 coins