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By caitlin
As much as we love our rainbow hair header, your admins are hoping to change the layout to something a bit more seasonal in the next couple of weeks!

Christmas is brief, but winter is long... So for our next header theme, we thought that it might be fun to do something with idols in winter hats and scarves!

This will not be rewarded, and is just for fun! You can donate as many photos as you want, if you aren't sure which one will work best. These images need to be fan-taken, just like always. Due to the fact that I am cutting their heads off, please ensure that their entire head is in the photo! :D

Just like the current header, I will not be including more than one idol from a single group! Please include the name of your idol in your link, and which group they're from. ^^ This will also help users see if an area needs filling!
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