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By Shinya
Donation Type: Music Video
Song Title: ILLUSION
Artist: ATEEZ
Donation Link:!yrJg0aDb!rfUuXfJn36QV ... Y8_GtcMZ98

Donation Type: Music Video
Song Title: WAVE
Artist: ATEEZ
Donation Link:!DzZChKoY!ys6E1Jc-7iTw ... m0xndM0GvY

Donation Type: Music Video
Song Title: Fresh Adventure
Artist: LABOUM
Donation Link:!riJ0USzS!-08Zox0k0w_q ... i_GsZqw3dU

Donation Type: Music Video
Song Title: Bloom Bloom
Artist: THE BOYZ
Donation Link:!qnZUkIwJ!97gUS6XW-ksl ... TeF2dlE-6k

Donation Type: Music Video
Song Title: D.D.D
Artist: THE BOYZ
Donation Link:!7iIwTCaD!FIX7Gr7A2Wax ... Q8SabeMXk4
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By Dhee

Donation Rewards (Music Video): ioi-dreamgirlsdoyeon13, rv-badboywendy11, gf-fingertipsowon19

Donation Rewards (Music Video): nf-awesomeseunghyub09, chungha-rollercoasterera14, mx-rush17

Donation Rewards (Music Video): twice-cheerupmina10, unit-imeaneuijin11, skz-district9han11

Donation Rewards (Music Video): mx-redcarpet02, 2pm-myhouse11, ptg-shinekino10

Donation Rewards (Music Video): dia-mrpotterjenny18, hatfelt-pluhmm09, vixx-scentistleo14

we put laboum mv under the name of journey to atlantis!

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