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Grab your lightstick choice cards, request a new lightstick or exchange your coupons here!
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By caitlin
This forum topic is a 2-in-1. Keeping it compact.

If you have a choice card coupon and you'd like to use it, you are welcome to let us know which choice cards you've chosen through this post. I know that a lot of us enjoy a consistent experience; so if a forum post and forms help you stay organized, I welcome you to this post! Otherwise, continue logging your choice cards however you'd like.

The method I'm going to recommend, so that you can use multiple of the same type coupons at once without accumulating a million logs, is in the below code.

Choice Card Coupons (OPTIONAL)
Code: Select all
[b]Coupon Exchange (coupon-choice):[/b] (card00, card00, card00)

Now onto the second use, which is probably going to come in handy to anyone that may have no doubles, but quite a few doubles coupons...

Coupon rewards are randomized, and that means you may receive something that is of no use to you. We understand and we respect that! Although we don't allow coupon trading, we thought we should give you guys the opportunity to hand in up to 3 coupons a month in exchange for a random choice card coupon each. We don't particularly think that this is worth is, as any coupons that come with rewards are far more valuable, but we respect you guys and your choice to give up a good thing!

Please note: You can not trade in any of your choice card coupons in exchange for... well, choice card coupons. ♥ I'm sure you understand. Just use those, please! :)

Coupon Exchange
Code: Select all
[b]Coupons:[/b] [list filenames, up to 3]

An admin will get back to you with your new coupons!
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By Andrea
Coupons: coupon-masterwithmastery, coupon-masterwithmastery, coupon-masterwithmastery
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By Dhee
Coupons: coupon-masterwithmastery, coupon-masterwithmastery, coupon-masterwithmastery, coupon-masterwithmastery, coupon-masterwithmastery

why do I have so many of this.. I have no idea..
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