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Keep it or delete it?

Keep them
Delete them
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By caitlin
With the new login bonus code in place, it's extremely easy to never miss a day. Even if you just log into the site in the morning, it will post the daily bonus to your log without any effort. It doesn't need to be added to eTCG immediately, which makes it a whole new experience for even the laziest members (me).

That leads me to the purpose of this poll. Is the miss day coupon pointless, or should I be putting in the effort to code something for it? I don't mind either way. I am willing to create a code, and we'll pray that it does its job.
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By amy
it's VERY early but it looks like most votes are going toward keeping them!!

that said, if the vote does swing toward getting rid of them, i think it would be nice if instead of trading them for random choice card coupons, they could be traded for other random coupons? a lot of my login coupons were from buying coupon packs and i would much rather have other random coupons over choice cards for them. ;;

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