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By yasu

Donation Rewards (Era): tbz-rightherehwall20, mmoo-starrynighthwasa08, sf9-nowornever18, unit-imeansuji10, exo-doyouhaveamoment08

Donation Rewards (Era): ifnt-pretty17, twice-tt13, gf-fingertipyuju18, vixx-scentist03, tbz-righthereyounghoon15

Donation Rewards (Era): ikon-blingblingjunhoe07, unit-imeanhyunjoo04, sf9-osolemiojaeyoon05, svt-adoreuvernon03, wjsn-happyeunseo06
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By Dhee

Donation Rewards (Era): bp-boombayah12, exo-powersehun19, lc-galaxysojung02, tbz-rightherejuyeon09, ikon-blingblingbi11

Donation Rewards (Era): svt-adoreudino20, aoa-heartattackhyejeong14, svt-adoreudk19, bts-ineedujin05, unit-nomorezn16
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By amy
Donation Type: Music Video
Song Title: Milkshake
Artist: Red Velvet
Donation Link:!RSg0gazB!ZeVlXWCL_TMq ... B2XqpsQGz8

Donation Type: Era
Group Member/Solo Artist: Jueun
Song Title: Woowa
Artist: DIA
Donation Link:!se4mTSQC!KaaNH9lxCXbR ... urNj5ARxD4

Donation Type: Era
Group Member/Solo Artist: Yujeong
Song Title: Turn it On
Artist: Laboum
Donation Link:!seoCTAba!dkUM9CB7Hhp3 ... dd9x9t5ztg
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By Dhee

Donation Rewards (Era): april-dreamcandy04, april-ohmymistake09, itzy-dalladalla11, mx-beautiful09, vixx-scentistken04

Donation Rewards (Era): svt-prettyuthe808, apink-eungeung19, bap-wakemeupyongguk15, april-maydayjinsol04, apink-five19

Donation Rewards (Music Video): svt-prettyudino16, mmld-bboombboom07, 4m-hatejihyun09
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