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All deck donations require a moderators approval. Claim your decks here to avoid rejection!
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By yasu
Please remember to read the rules and claim accordingly! It makes everyone's lives easier. ♥

Once a deck is claimed and approved, it will be added to our DECK CLAIMS LIST so that other members can easily check which decks are already donated or spoken for. Deck status will be indicated on the far right of the Google document.


If you are not aware of our limits, that means you are not ready to donate! Please read through our guidelines before claiming anything!

Claiming decks is simple. All you have to do is make a new reply in this thread and write each of your claims out on a new line. The following format must be used for each deck claim:
ERA Group/Solo Artist - Song Title - Group Member/Solo Artist
MV Group/Solo Artist - Song Title

Your claim should look something like this:

ERA Seventeen - Adore U - Jeonghan
MV Seventeen - Very Nice
ERA BTS - I Need U - RM
ERA Sunmi - Gashina - Sunmi

Make it easy on yourself and use the below forms!
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[b]ERA[/b] Group/Solo Artist - Song Title - Group Member/Solo Artist
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[b]MV[/b] Group/Solo Artist - Song Title


  • All donations must be approved by a moderator. This is the only way to ensure that rules are being followed and everything is being kept fair. There's also a slight chance that someone above you has already claimed the same deck, and it may have been looked over. We don't want you wasting your time compiling a donation that someone else is already planning on handing in!
  • Please ensure that you are providing accurate spelling and that claims are stylized correctly. This is to ensure that claims and deck pages are accurate and consistent. If you're donating an f(x) deck, you wouldn't claim FX, fx or even F(X), right? If there's any confusion, make a note in your claim post. Our forum staff should be able to help!
  • Ongoing eras can not be claimed. An era can only be claimed two months after an artist's final goodbye stage for that track. The only exception to this rule is for those artists who schedule a repackage or comeback before their two months is up. Once an artist begins promoting a new title track, the previous era can be claimed and donated! Please allow an artist to complete their first comeback stage before claiming the previous era.
  • New music videos can not be claimed on the same day that they are released. This is in an effort to give everyone a fair shot at claiming it. Once a new day has started (according to our forum clock), these music video decks can be claimed on a first come first serve basis.
  • DO NOT EDIT A PREVIOUS REPLY. If you edit a post that a moderator has already seen, the odds of them noticing a later edit is very unlikely. Please do not be afraid to create a new comment, even if it is right below your old one. A moderator can edit your comments and combine them.
  • Donations expire when the month is over. Good news, isn't it? If you have missed your chance to claim a certain deck, not all hope is lost! All donations must be handed in by the last day of the month by 11:59pm. Extensions will be given out in certain situations, but they are always pending administrator's approval. Please DM me directly from the forum, or reach out to me through Twitter.
  • As of September 2018: In an attempt to provide equal opportunities for all fans, you may no longer claim more than one deck of a newly available era. At midnight, when a new era is available for donation, you may only claim one of those decks for yourself. 24 hours later, you're free to claim an additional deck (or two, if you haven't claimed one in the first place).
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By Mio
ERA iKON - Goodbye Road - Bobby
ERA Monsta X - Shoot Out - Jooheon
ERA Seventeen - Thanks - Dino
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By zooya
ERA Chungha - Gotta Go
ERA Oh my girl - Liar Liar - Seunghee
ERA Oh my girl - Liar Liar - Yooa
ERA Twice - What is Love - Tzuyu
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By yasu
ERA GFRIEND - Time for the Moon Night - Yuju
ERA iKON - Dumb & Dumber - B.I
ERA iKON - Dumb & Dumber - Junhoe
ERA Oh My Girl - Liar Liar - Arin
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By amy
ERA DIA - On the Road - Chaeyeon
ERA DIA - On the Road - Heehyun
ERA Laboum - Turn it On - ZN
ERA Laboum - Only U - Haein
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By Jules
ERA Momoland - BAAM - Daisy
ERA Momoland - BAAM - Nayun
ERA Sunmi - Gashina - Sunmi
ERA Taeyeon - Make Me Love You - Taeyeon
ERA Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance - Tiffany
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