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By caitlin
When we took wishes away, we also took away the majority of your choice cards and we understand that. Although we have officially introduced quite a few new ways to help you guys get cards, we thought that a weekly list of chores might help encourage activity and good housekeeping.

For each task that you complete throughout the week, you'll be granted a few choice cards that you can use for whatever you'd like!

Is there a catch? Sort of. You must use request these choice cards before the week is through and you can't backlog these rewards by any means. If you don't complete something, just move on from it and don't stress. Any choice cards you earn just for the things that you normally do are a bonus! So try your best to take advantage of this whenever you can.

A few important things to mention before we get to the tasks!

• In the usual Idolise fashion, our week runs from Sunday (the first day of the week) until Saturday at 11:59:59 on the forum clock.
• Once again, choice cards can not be back logged. Please do keep an eye on the forum clock and make sure that you aren't waiting until late Saturday to claim your rewards!
• These choice cards can be used to master a deck. They're choice cards, sucker! They can be any currently released deck that you'd like.

Task list
  1. Have 10 or less masteries needing to be turned into the site for rewards. [3 choice cards]
    • This includes hidden collecting decks that are finished. Please make sure that if you have a separate page where your completed collecting decks are hiding that is it clearly linked somewhere on your collecting page!
    • Remember, you can master with mastery choice cards now, so be a little more fearless you crazy hoarders.
  2. Have 5 or less stamp cards needing to be turned into the site for rewards. [2 choice cards]
    • Did you know that Danni has an incredible mod that removes the Trader Reward (or any reward) text and combines all cards into a single string? Check that out here.
  3. Send at least 10 trades this week. [2 choice cards]
    • No specific amount of cards need to swap hands! Just 10 trades to different people.
    • Remember, Boo counts towards your stampcards as of August 1st! Get an easy trade from our Boo.
    • If you're the type of person who loses track of their outgoing trades, add something extra to the name field to keep track when you're accepting trades.
  4. Hand in donations. [1-3 choice cards]
    • Yes. If you hand your donations in before the end of the month, you can just passively earn choice cards each week. Incredible.
    • Earn 1 choice card if you have turned in 1-2 donations.
    • Earn 2 choice cards if you have handed in 3-4 donations.
    • Earn 3 choice cards if you have handed in 5 donations.
  5. Hand in mini masteries. [1-2 choice cards]
    • Another passive earner. Once your mini masteries are handed in, you automatically continue to earn these choice cards.
    • Earn 1 choice card if you have handed in 1-3 of your mini masteries.
    • Earn 2 choice cards if you have handed in all 4 of your mini masteries.
  6. Use entire freebie allowance for the week. [1 choice card]
    • :)
Code: Select all
[b]Weekly Task (#1):[/b] (choice cards here)

This is both your code and your reward line!

Please use the task number from the above list inside of the bracket! #1 is just an example.
By rose
Weekly Task (#4): lvlz-nowwe04, lvlz-nowwe07
Weekly Task (#5): lvlz-nowwe08, lvlz-nowwe17
By rose
Weekly Task (#1): skz-mypacebangchan06, skz-mypacebangchan07, skz-mypacebangchan13
Weekly Task (#2): skz-mypacebangchan14, skz-mypacebangchan15
Weekly Task (#6): skz-mypacebangchan20
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