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By Catherine
Lightstick(s) owned: BTS, SF9, Shinee, Vixx
Choice cards: bts-fire05, bts-fire09, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung07, sf9-noworneverhwiyoung08, shinee-shinin05, shinee-shinin07, vixx-shangrilahongbin13, vixx-shangrilahongbin15
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By lindsay
Lightstick(s) owned: got7, bts, rv, pentagon
Choice cards: rv-icecreamcakejoy07, rv-icecreamcakejoy11, bts-dnajin01, bts-dnajin02, got7-justrightmark02, got7-justrightmark03, ptg-shineyuto04, ptg-shineyuto05
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By Usagi
Lightstick(s) owned: BTS, EXO, iKON, LOONA, Twice
Choice cards: bts-bloodsweatandtearsv05, bts-bloodsweatandtearsv06, exo-kokobopxiumin01, exo-kokobopxiumin02, ikon-killingmebi19, ikon-killingmebi20, loona-hihighjinsoul05, loona-hihighjinsoul06, twice-cheerupsana19, twice-cheerupsana20
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By Megumi
Lightstick(s) owned: Red Velvet, Dreamcatcher, Miss A
Choice cards: rv-zimzalabim08, rv-zimzalabim10, dc-youandisiyeon04, dc-youandisiyeon05, missa-onlyyousuzy03, missa-onlyyousuzy05
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