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By caitlin
It's official! Be Mine is finally wrapped up and all related rewards have been handed out. Quite a few of you have chocolate that still needs to be spent, and as promised, we are opening our Heart Shop for the rest of the month.

Please note: This topic will close on March 31st. This is a Sunday, and your admins will be locking this post before we post our weekly update. Do not wait until the last minute to take advantage of the chocolate exchange, or you may miss your chance. Chocolate will expire as soon as this topic is locked at the end of this month.

Choice Cards: Unlike our Chocolate Exchange, these choice cards (obviously) do not need to be for a Be Mine deck. These choice cards can be used to master.
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[b]Heart Shop (Choice)[/b]: choicecard, -3 Chocolate

Card Packs: Similar to our regular shop, our Heart Shop has quite a few card packs available. You must be logged in to receive our card packs, and members must share their rewards in this topic by using the provided information on each card pack page.

iPod Purchase: For those of you with a lot of chocolate left over, maybe you're interested in saving your coins this month. Get your iPod from the Heart Shop, save money! All iPods (regardless of type) are only 15 chocolate! (See iPod types here)
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[b]Heart Shop (iPod)[/b]: ipod, -15 Chocolate
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By Mio
Heart Shop (iPod): powerup-purple, powerup-purple, powerup-purple, powerup-purple, powerup-purple, -75 Chocolates

Heart Shop (Choice): svt-qanda05, svt-qanda09, winner-babybaby04, winner-babybaby08, -12 Chocolates

I had 88 chocolates in total and now only 1 is left, thank you! ❤️
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By minty
m....math ;;

Heart Shop (Choice): loona-favorite17, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar13, mmoo-decalcomaniesolar15, omg-secretgardenarin03, omg-secretgardenarin17, omg-secretgardenarin20 -18 Chocolate

Heart Shop (iPod): powerup-pink, powerup-purple -30 Chocolate
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By amy
Heart Shop (Choice): nct-cherrybombjaehyun15, nct-cherrybombjaehyun19, laboum-hwihwiyulhee01, laboum-hwihwiyulhee05, laboum-hwihwiyulhee07, laboum-hwihwiyulhee08, laboum-hwihwiyulhee09 -21 Chocolate

i had 23, so now i have an odd 2 left. will we use them again next year? :chungha:

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