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By caitlin

Our little Christmas gamble has finally come to a close, and thank you all for your patience. The good news is, you're all winners! The bad news? There is none. To collect your prize, just click on the Santa you chose earlier in the month.

If you can't remember which Santa you chose, here's a link to search this forum quickly:
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Please swap USERNAMEHERE for your name. If this doesn't work and you are still forced to manually search this post, I am sorry for your troubles! Merry Christmas. :)

There is no need to comment here with your rewards! Just log them as such on your end. When using coupons, simply note it in brackets or in the reward line however you please. Just as long as their usage is logged!


It's time for a small Christmas gamble! Under the tree are four adorable Santa toys, each of which represent the a specific gift! All four gifts will be kept at equal value, and none will empty, because we love all of our children equally! So let us know which Santa catches your eye and we'll deliver you something special on January 16th! Please choose a gift by 11:59:59 on January 15th.

Just copy and paste one of the follow codes!

Blue Santa
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[b][color=#0040FF]Blue Santa[/color][/b]

Yellow Santa
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[b][color=#e8a21c]Yellow  Santa[/color][/b]

Red Santa
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[b][color=#d52121]Red Santa[/color][/b]

Green Santa
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[b][color=#338941]Green Santa[/color][/b]
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