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By caitlin
First, create a thread in this forum titled (your name)'s House. You're welcome to decorate this post as much or as little as you'd like! It'll be helpful for our trick or treaters if you link to this randomizer somewhere in your post. Trick or treaters will come by to take candy from the bowl that you've left out, but each of them will have to leave a note telling you what they've taken.

As you're travelling to our user's houses, pick up candy here and comment on their post with what you've taken, making sure to change NAME to that user's name and logging your cards accordingly. You can only take candy from each house ONCE. Don't be greedy!

NOTE: We know that this is the more "boring" way of doing trick-or-treating, but we wanted to give you guys some easy cards this month. This trick-or-treat randomizer only includes cards from the last 100 decks so please don't be shocked if you keep getting new cards. We won't think you're cheating.

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