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By melinda
• Once a week we will have a new theme.
• Should we ever repeat a theme in the future, members will not be able to use their answer from the previous topic.
• In order to participate, you must find a music video and take a screencap of a moment that fits that theme.
Your screen cap must come from a music video that hasn't already been posted!!
• Come deliver your screencap to us, and that's all you have to do!
Don't overthink things. Please. Don't. But think a little.

• Will be handed out every Saturday before a new round starts!
• Three random cards will be the award. You're welcome.

Example Theme: catching a man on fire

Music Video: Ahh Oop - Mamamoo

Melinda has used this as it will probably never be an actual theme but thinks it's a good idea these days. Please use the following form, as it will resize literally any HUGE screencap to 500px in width for you.
Code: Select all
[b]Music Video:[/b] Artist - Song Title
god i can't think of anything that doesn't sound sexual to go here so just... go with your heart. make sure water is a main theme in your cap, that's all i ask.

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