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By melinda

We hope you enjoyed Scavenger Hunt this week, and thank you for playing with us! A brand new round of is about to begin, so keep an eye out and get your next submission in early to avoid missing our Sunday deadline!

To make things easier on all of us, rewards will not be handed out individually. You must visit our official randomizer to pick your rewards up. We ask that all members follow the honor system and do not refresh, even if the cards are not the ones that you want. If any suspicious activity is noticed, we will be forced to manually pass your cards out, which is a bit undesirable.

Rewards must be taken within a week of this post. This is a weekly game, so please ensure that you are not backtracking rewards.

cait is the real angel mvp thank you
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By yasu
Scavenger Hunt (Week 34): aoa-binglebangle20, btob-missingyouchangsub16, sunmi-gashina10
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By danni
Scavenger Hunt (Week #34): wjsn-happyyeoreum14, fis9-dkdkchaeyoung08, ds-frisatsun12
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