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By melinda
• Once a week we will have a new theme.
• Should we ever repeat a theme in the future, members will not be able to use their answer from the previous topic.
• In order to participate, you must find a music video and take a screencap of a moment that fits that theme.
Your screen cap must come from a music video that hasn't already been posted!!
• Come deliver your screencap to us, and that's all you have to do!
• Don't overthink things. Please. Don't. But think a little. (melinda wrote this)

• Will be handed out every Sunday before a new round starts!
• Three random cards for your beautiful effort. (cait wrote this not melinda)

Example Theme: grillz and cookies in a tub

Music Video: Zico - Tough Cookie

Melinda has used this as it will probably never be an actual theme but thinks it's the stupidest thing she may have ever seen. Please use the following form, as it will resize literally any HUGE screencap to 500px in width for you.
Code: Select all
[b]Music Video:[/b] Artist - Song Title
some nice group dance formations would be really cool!! the full group (who participates in the mv) must be in the cap!

get in formation!
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By danni

Music Video: NCT 2018 - Black on Black

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