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By Catherine

Card Chain: nct-cherrybombwinwin17, missa-onlyyou05 - (#4/5)

Next: odd number
By rose

Card Chain: laboum-hwihwisoyeon11, unit-nomorejiwon09 - (5/5)

Next: someone who has had the same dyed hair color for a long time
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] unit-nomorejiwon09, yourcard - (#/5)

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By emily

Card Chain: unit-nomorejiwon09, svt-home18 - (3/5)

when will ash brown die and let orange mingyu come back from the dead

Next: has debuted in japan

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[b]Card Chain:[/b] svt-home18,  - (#/5)

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By danni

Card Chain: gsd-ringmybellminah19, nct-blackonblackchenle20 - (1/5)

Next: a summer era
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] nct-blackonblackchenle20,  - (#/5)

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By yasu

Card Chain: rv-powerup03, winner-babybaby20 - (3/5)

Next: had a comeback this year
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