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By Andrea

Card Chain: bts-dnajhope18, got7-lullabyyugyeom02 - (2/5)

Next: green somewhere!
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By Mirabel

Card Chain: ateez-treasureyunho02, sistar-shakeithyolyn15 - (3/5)

Next: group is younger than 5 years old
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By Violet

Card Chain: sistar-shakeithyolyn15, loona-loveandlivehaseul13 - (5/5)

Next: A group with less than 9 members
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] loona-loveandlivehaseul13, yourcard - (#/5)

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By Dhee

Card Chain: bts-dnajin12, gg-party07 (5/5)

Next: debuted through survival show.
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] gg-party07, yourcard - (#/5)

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By Catherine

Card Chain: gg-party07, ikon-killingme10 - (#5/5)

Next: was a judge or mentor on a show
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By madita

Card Chain:ikon-killingme10, taemin-move19 - (2/5)

Next: card that includes the letters V A C T I O or N (as in i finally get my vacation whoo)
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] taemin-move19, yourcard - (#/5)

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