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By Andrea

Card Chain: rainbow-whoojisook08, nct-switch13 - (5/5)

Next: dark hair!
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By Lex

Card Chain: ateez-treasureyunho06, loona-love4evaoliviahye10 - (1/5)

Next: from a deck you have more than 10 cards of
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By madita

Card Chain: loona-love4evaoliviahye10, chungha-whydontyouknow15 - (4/5)

Next: a twunk (because i love the word)
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] chungha-whydontyouknow15, yourcard - (#/5)

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By Amber
i had to google that word and am now scarred by my research lmao

Card Chain: chungha-whydontyouknow15, nuest-whereyouatjr10 - (5/5)

Next: odd number
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