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By danni

Card Chain: gf-fingertipyerin12, nct-cherrybombtaeyong04 - (2/5)

Next: has publicly dated :O
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By Nicky

Card Chain: nct-cherrybombtaeyong04, exo-kokobopbaekhyun09 (3/5)
Next: a card for a deck you're collecting
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By Megumi

Card Chain: exo-kokobopbaekhyun09, sunmi-siren04 - (3/5)

Next: dyed hair
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By Amber

Card Chain: svt-adoreudino20, jbj-fantasy12 - (5/5)
i didnt really know what 'theme' meant so i picked my own. it's 'cards i need to master' lmao

Next: odd number
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By danni

Card Chain: jbj-fantasy12, nct-blackonblackyuta19 - (3/5)

Next: hand(s) visible in the card
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By Megumi

Card Chain: nct-blackonblackyuta19, fx-4wallsamber06 - (4/5)

Next: short hair
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