Idolise TCG

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By amy
• To play this game, you must post 1 card that fits the theme from the post directly above you, and then you must think of a new theme for the next person.
• Themes can only be used ONCE per two pages! Please check the page before yours.
Please avoid impossible themes. "Idols in space" will earn you a scolding! And try not to be too vague, either. Yes, every idol does breathe air and have faces.
• Themes can be almost anything else. Whether it's related to the color of the border, the gender of the idol, hair color of the idol in the card, a prominent color in the image itself or even something like abbreviations in the card text. Be creative and make sure that you can think of at least two cards that could work on this theme.
• As this is a choice card game, members can only post 5 times a week and must wait until three people have commented above them.
• The card that you post does not have to be in your trade pile. It probably shouldn't be, actually.

• Your rewards for playing: The card that you posted, as well as the card that the person above you posted.
(Log as Card Chain: card01, card02), which can be found in the post code template!
• The first person who comments will take the random card below! I'm the person above you!
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] cardaboveyou, yourcard - (#/5)


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By Catherine

Card Chain: itzy-icylia04, shinee-tellmewhattodo02 - (#1/5)

Next: Realeased during the summer
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By Megan

Card Chain: shinee-tellmewhattodo02, twice-dancethenightawaysana02 - (1/5)

Next: odd number
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By Dhee

Card Chain: twice-dancethenightawaysana02, rv-zimzalabimseulgi19 (1/5)

Next: even number.
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[b]Card Chain:[/b] rv-zimzalabimseulgi19, yourcard - (#/5)

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By petaloid

Card Chain: rv-zimzalabimseulgi19, minah-iamawomantoo18 - (1/5)

Next: winter song (either released in winter or winter-themed)
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By Megan

Card Chain: rv-umpahumpahjoy06, twice-dancethenightawaytzuyu01 - (2/5)

Next: short hair!
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