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How would you like a birthday event card that's just for you? If you're on the roster for birthdays this month, let us treat you to a little gift!
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By caitlin

Every member gets to request a birthday badge during their birth month, so please do not forget! Posts are locked at the end of each month. Fill out the following form and your birthday badge will not only be made, but it will be added to our gallery!

19MMDD is to celebrate your birthday THIS year. The 19 is for the year, please fill in the month and day accordingly!
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[b]Actual Birthday:[/b] 19MMDD
[b]Image URL:[/b] 
The following image guidelines are not in place to stop you from using a certain image; instead, the intention is to create a little awareness to avoid difficult or impossible to use photos:

• Our member cards and level cards are horizontal and I think it's very important to keep this in mind when you're choosing your photo. Selcas are absolutely fine, but there are times where the image is simply too close to put into a badge. Be mindful and provide us with a second image if you are unsure. I will always try to use your first choice, but sometimes I simply can not.

• Please provide the highest quality photo possible. Through Tumblr, if you're having a hard time finding the full quality version of an image, or you're not sure that it is the largest size, pasting the image URL into your browser should give you some idea. If the image URL has _500.jpg on the end, swap that to _1280.jpg and it will resolve this issue, showing you the original full size!

• Just like with our donation guidelines, please provide the rawest image possible. If an image seems to be heavily edited by the blog you are viewing, try doing a reverse image search. This does often work. If nothing else, it may show you other images from that day to give you a better idea of what to search for if you're still interested in using your original image.

ALL IMAGES MUST BE RELATED TO OUR TCG. Please stick to artists who have officially debuted in Korea. I am very sorry, but actors and actresses who occasionally contribute to an OST are not quite kosher here.

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By caitlin
Catherine wrote:Actual Birthday: 190511
Image URL: ... b83000.jpg
Special Requests: --
Megumi wrote:Actual Birthday: 190508
Image URL:
Special Requests: --

TY <3
melinda wrote:Actual Birthday: 190503
Special Requests: crop!! also i want pastel blue (byul's shirt) and pastel purple and ily
Usagi wrote:Actual Birthday: 190528
Image URL: ... 1_1280.jpg
Special Requests: PINK!

Image Image Image Image
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By caitlin
Usagi wrote:
Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:52 pm
caitlin wrote:
Fri May 31, 2019 6:51 pm
Usagi wrote:Actual Birthday: 190528
Image URL: ... 1_1280.jpg
Special Requests: PINK!
thank you! I love it ;; but... I only just noticed the wrong date was put on mine, it has Melinda's birthday on it lol TT

oh my goodness, i feel so terrible! i fixed that for you. TT please refresh your cache and you should see those changes!
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