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This is your hub for all questions, suggestions and general information topics that aren't specific to other forums!
This is a change for you guys to ask any questions you may have about the discontinuation of the 2015 decks! We couldn't imagine what sort of questions you guys have... If any! But we want to communicate with you guys, so please air your questions and concerns here.
A few questions we've been asked in the Discord!

Will we be wrapping up 2015 eras that haven't been finished? (eg ds-joker, wg-ifeelyou)

Yes, we'll be trying to! If we can, we'll try to release them early 2020 and then discontinue them later in the year. Some eras are unfortunately impossible to finish due to a lack of pictures.

If I ask for a 2015 era to be released now, will it still be discontinued next year?

Yup, just later in the year. We'll be rolling out the discontinuations with a few eras being removed each week and we'll be taking our time with this to make sure everyone has time to collect what they want. The time of the discontinuation will be based on how long ago the era was completely released, probably going into next summer.
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