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By caitlin
hello everyone!

as mentioned in the update, there are a couple of staff positions that i've decided to create in an attempt to lighten my load as your residential control freak. some of these jobs are rather mundane, but they're a big part of my day when i do finally get to sit down and can get a little bit heavy to carry with all of the things i'm working on for the site and everything i want to do for you guys.

by no means is anyone obligated to apply, and i do apologize if a position is not open that you had thought you might be interested in! any questions regarding positions (or even suggestions for positions, because i don't always know what i need) can be sent to me via discord! caitlin#1004

card master boo staff: we currently have a vacancy in the boo fairy department! boo fairies are required to visit a list of members each week (which is provided every sunday) and send them cards that they're currently collecting while taking away unpopular or unwanted cards from their main pile. this position requires a weekly commitment, but we promise it's not too difficult! you'll have three boo fairies backing you up and they're looking forward to sharing the load with you! my boo fairies are also the people who help accept boo bot's trades. ^^

gallery staff: i'm still working on bringing the gallery back! i know that some people applied to this previously, but it has been more than six months since i last spoke to anyone who applied about this. i would like to see who is still interested, so please apply if you had already been approved in the past and are still interested in helping me out! the gallery that i have coded is all managed through the main site. it will require quite a few hands, as there is a gallery for every single type of custom badge. i think that this will require some weekly commitment with frequent check-ins from me.

coupon exchange staff: looking for some assistance with the couple exchange forum! i did not realize it would be such a popular attraction and i would love 1 or 2 people to assist with exchanging coupons for our members. ^^ this would require maybe... one hour of commitment a week? probably less. this is a very small job, but it doesn't cross my mind very often to check on it. TT

if you're still interested, i think that it's a little formal to have everyone fill out an application. it's a little awkward! since you will be messaging me directly, i'd prefer that members just let me know if they're interested to help, any positions they're very interested in and why (if you're interested in any, that's also okay and helpful ♥) and how much time you generally spend at the computer! for questions and concerns, please contact me via discord, but i would prefer that all "applications" come in the form of a DM here on the forum!

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