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By caitlin
PLEASE ALSO FEEL FREE TO LET US KNOW YOUR GENERAL FEELINGS ABOUT GAMES. We want to know if they're too hard, too easy. We don't want them to be the easiest thing on the planet, we want them to take a little bit of thought, but we don't want you guys to be struggling with them to the point where it's no fun. So please! Anything you want to say about games, even if you don't have a suggestion, we would love your feedback.

It has been a year since we created our games and we thought that it might be a good idea to refresh them with new hosts, titles and blurbs. As I'm sure you guys can imagine, this was a big job for two people. We included a lot of variety and we were really careful to use a lot of different idols, so when it comes to refreshing them, we want to do the same.

The games that we have are pretty simple. Most of them are what we call password gate games, where there is an image or phrase, and a field to enter your answer below. If you have a suggestion for a game title and host, what sort of game would it be? For example, if you suggest "Boy With Luv" with our host as Jimin, you might say "this would be a game like Bboom Bboom or Love Scenario". We only use title tracks, so no b-sides! I know this makes it harder, but I believe in you guys.

An imagine is also greatly appreciated! If you're suggesting a host, why not suggest a few fan taken images. Maybe from the same era?

We appreciate all the help and we will try to use as many as we can, but we won't be using any duplicated artists, so keep that in mind! We have one girl set and one boy set, as well as our weekly and monthly games. If you have an idea to replace Secret Garden, we're all ears! If you have an idea for a game that we don't currently have, that maybe could replace or even be added to one of our sets, we're all ears.

A couple of game suggestions that have been brought to our attention, or we had at previous TCGs that we don't currently have as well:

- Word Search
- Spot the difference
- Split Face (two faces side by side)
- A full song, backwards :)
- Card match
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By Dhee
Song Title: You're Mine (aka Nekkoya aka P48's Pick Me)
Host: Jang Wonyoung & Sakura
Image Suggestions: X
Game Type/Plot: in place of current Pick Me

I would suggest a change for It's Me with X1 but idk??? flash era hasn't started???
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By zooya
Song Title: Blood Sweat & Tears? ((would've said "Save me" but its not a title lol))
Host: Jimin
Image Suggestions: i honestly dont know what will fit so here's an album
Game Type/Plot: Hangman

Song Title: Fun!
Host: Saerom
Image Suggestions: 1 - 2 - 3
Game Type/Plot: Card Match

Song Title: Dalla Dalla
Host: Yeji or Ryujin or Yuna
Image Suggestions: 1 - 2 - 3
Game Type/Plot: Spot the Difference

((i will add more pics if needed!!))
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By amy
i've got a few game ideas, but i've got a little feedback to give first so i'll be back with those later! it's not entirely coin related, but part of the discussion around fewer coin rewards in games? also this is tl;dr bc i just really wanted to offer solutions rather than drop in just to complain. ;;

on the discord i already suggested giving a coupon or two as rewards in games in light of the coin reduction, but there's another thing i thought of after talking to a few members too. there are some of us (i won't name other names unless they want to come forward!) who feel pretty discouraged about recollecting decks now that there are not only less coins, but that getting the power ups we actually want comes down to a randomizer. i do realize that custom badges aren't necessary, but they are a big part of the fun. playing in and looking at other tcgs, i've noticed a lot of the time when custom badges are available for remastered decks, they're not something in game currency has to be spent on.

i've tried to think of a few ways to correct or go about this so that people aren't discouraged about remastering decks? one way would obviously be to make remastery custom badges free altogether (perhaps leave the option open to buy a custom badge for a deck you've only mastered once, but increase the coin cost per badge?). another i thought of would be to reward people with a custom badge coupon for each deck when they remaster an entire era. with the second option, it would require more work and trading to get the custom badges without coin cost and so i thought maybe that would appeal to you.

this may seem like a silly concern, but for those of us who put a lot of effort into remastering and selecting custom badges we can easily remaster 10+ decks per month, and at the current coin reward levels that makes it really difficult to get custom badges for everything and has made me start to rethink whether i want to keep recollecting things at all. without people recollecting as actively, a lot more older decks could end up sitting in trade piles going to waste and that would overall hinder trading, which i know isn't something you want to see. ;;

edit: if you were to allow free customs for remastered decks i would recommend in the name of fairness to make it so that only decks mastered after the change are eligible! or perhaps allow some kind of refund for members who've paid for them up until now.

edit 2: another idea came to me after i wrote this out! maybe add a feature to lightsticks where along with the choice cards, you can get 2 free custom badges for that group each week? and, like the choice cards, they would be a use it or lose it type of thing.
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By amy
Song Title: Sugar Sugar
Host: ZN
Image Suggestions: 1, 2, 3
Game Type/Plot: select a combination of ice cream toppings and get a various number of cards based on the selections

Song Title: Uh-Oh
Host: Shuhua
Image Suggestions: just one this time
Game Type/Plot: New song/host for "playing with fire" type game

Song Title: The 7th Sense
Host: Jaehyun
Image Suggestions: 1, 2, 3
Game Type/Plot: Guess My Number

Song Title: Birthday
Host: Somi
Image Suggestions: 1, 2, 3
Game Type/Plot: members get an extra special pack of cards each week, but only during their birthday month

also second dhee's idea of switching out pick me/it's me for izone and x1!

oh i also wanted to drop in and let you know that flash player won't be supported on google chrome starting in 2020 (not sure about other browsers). might be worth looking into another way to make games like that's my jam and likey to work? ;;
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By Mirabel
Song Title:Touch and Sketch
Host: Leo from Vixx ( Leo is a known bad artist so this makes it even funnier.)
Image Suggestions: image
Game Type/Plot: Pictionary type game where you guys draw a crude version of a music video scene or it can be a true Pictionary where it's like: picture of a "door", picture of a "girl sheep". ("Adore U")

Variation on the above.
Song Title: depends on host but could relate to phones/text/message/kkt
Host: Open tbh but I'd like to see a game with an Itzy member.
Image Suggestions: See above but maybe they would have a phone like they were texting.
Game Type/Plot: You know those guess the song by emoji's memes? Example
Should be easy to refresh every week. There are online English to emoji generators if you get stuck.
Also wanted to add a few feedback things, Yeah I was gonna say my jam and likey will need updating. I do enjoy the games though so i hope they can be saved.
My least fav game is probably Fingertip. >_> almost impossible to know off the top of your head or even just looking at it. Not even easy to google if i'm being honest.
also i think playing with fire is getting harder now that we have literally 25,920 possible answers out there (26,220 after next update). Maybe cropping it to give more clues?

I'd pay attention to the games we often ask for hints too. ;)
my favorite games are baby and sentimental btw.

last thing, a little off topic but when we do weekly deck vote can we get a conformation image/gif with the text? such as this?
Just makes it feel more complete.
By rose
Song Title: No More
Host: Lee Hyunjoo!!!
Image Suggestions: i'll be back later
Game Type/Plot: for the spot the difference game! i think that's a creative suggestion, please listen to me
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By Whitney
Some thoughts about Secret Garden:
There are a lot of groups in the tcg that I am not familiar with which makes it hard for me to identify who is who even with the hints. I was thinking instead that there could be a card search so to speak. A card in a deck could have a number that shows up when hovered and the numbers would indicate the order to submit for rewards. This would still require you to do some work going through all the decks, but would help someone like myself complete it!

Song Title: I Need U
Host: Jungkook
Image Suggestions: 1, 2
Game Type/Plot: A melting pot! The game would be monthly and go with the mini masteries. The cards inside would match the theme and in order to take one, you would have to give another one that matches!

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By devon
I agree with Whitney about Secret Garden, I think I've completed it once ever because I'm bad at idols. Either instead of this, or as a separate monthly game, I really enjoyed the Heart Hunt game we had at the beginning of the year when we would get a list of clues leading to a deck and get rewards for each one. If we had something like that we would be able to get a few rewards if we only know some of the answers, or more rewards if we know all of the answers. It would still require us to do quite a bit of work but I think it would be more fun and less frustrating!

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