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By caitlin
These decks have expired! They're no longer available to take in rewards as of the last day of July. We have two options for what you can do with these cards!


This code is for those of you who don't want these cards in your trade post anymore.
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[b]# of Cards:[/b] 
[b]List of Cards:[/b] 


This code is for those of you who have a limited edition card in your trade post, and instead of switching it out for a random card would rather change it for a card from the same limited edition deck. (example: If you have le-vintagem01 in your trade post and wish you had le-vintagem08, you'd use this form!
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[b]Changing For:[/b] 
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By Nicky
# of Cards: 3
List of Cards: le-vintagef18, le-vintagef19, le-vintagef20
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By osaka
# of Cards: 9
List of Cards: le-vintagem19, le-vintagem02, le-vintagem04, le-vintagem07, le-vintagem12, le-vintagem01, le-vintagem03, le-vintagem05, le-vintagem02

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