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When certain decks are retired, new topics will be created to implement phasing those cards out. We request that members trade those cards in exchange for random rewards.
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By caitlin
obviously this deck is being removed. please feel free to keep any rewards you may have received from mastering this deck, but members are encouraged to delete any badges from their pages and ask for replacements if any of their custom content features him. i'll go into this further on update day, but this was something i felt was necessary.
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By saku
# of Cards: 8
List of Cards: bb-loserseungri01, bb-loserseungri05, bb-loserseungri07, bb-loserseungri08, bb-loserseungri11, bb-loserseungri14, bb-loserseungri17, bb-loserseungri20

feels good man
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By amy
i already swapped my cards out with boo (i felt bad, but i needed them gone lol), but i wanted to drop in to say a quick thank you for this.
By rose
# of Cards: 1
List of Cards: bb-loserseungri05

thank you
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By ruthia
# of Cards: 9
List of Cards: bb-loserseungri01, bb-loserseungri02, bb-loserseungri09, bb-loserseungri10, bb-loserseungri11, bb-loserseungri14, bb-loserseungri15, bb-loserseungri16, bb-loserseungri20

@ RNGsus pls swap these cards with winkon ones... save my children from YG

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