Idolise Mastery Carnival

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What's this? Another mastery event?

"But Nikki and Caitlin, we just had a mastery event..."

Yes... We know... But hear us out!

Your admin team have just announced to you that we are not releasing any decks in the month of May... And you're going to be mastering decks anyway... Why not turn it into an event? I promise it will be different this time! We want to give you all something to work towards.

Since our soft opening in 2018, we have made a few changes that have resulted in a less competitive game. We had good reason for that at the time, but we think it's time for some friendly competition!

Unlike previous mastery events, which has pretty purposely avoided being competitive - this event will be not only optional (meaning, you don't necessarily need to master decks for event rewards), but it will also include a leader board. Yes. A leader board. I sense, for our very competitive players, that this will make the event quite tempting.

Event Rundown

  • For the duration of this event, there will be two mastery forms on the site. The regular mastery form will be used by anyone who do not want to participate, and it will also be used for decks that you are not allowed to use in the event (please see rule #1), and one that is specifically for those who would like to participate.
  • The mastery rewards you receive through this event will be normal, with the exception of a special event currency (token) that will be used to purchase goodies at the end of the event.
  • We have not quite finalized the list of shop items, but I assure you that they will range from what you would expect (our regular shop items) to the ability to purchase a deck release. Our goal is to have these shop items listed Sunday, May 16th.
  • For every deck you master, you will get another point on the leader board! To keep things from getting too crazy, first place gets nothing but bragging rights and an event card to congratulate them.

Start and End

  • This event started on May 9th! If you're reading this it has already started.
  • And it will end on June 5th (at 11:59:59pm by our Idolise clock). This will allow us to wrap the event up during our Sunday update.
  • You will not be able to use the event mastery form after this time. Yes, that's right. It's coded it so that it disappears. 🙂

Event Rules

  1. Before you can start participating in this event, you must hand in any completed decks. Any deck that is complete and ready for mastery or any deck that is entirely pending or any deck that is less than 5 cards away can not be used towards the event. We are doing this in an attempt to even the playing field, without being too cruel. You can write those decks down to ensure that you don't hand them in as an event mastery, or you to use the choice card coupons that you have been hoarding! We see you.
  2. For some, it may be tempting to reject trades from your competition... But please don't do this. 😂 We've been friends for too long! They're giving you cards in exchange, so play nice. You can kick their butt without being mean!
  3. I think that's it.