Knock Knock

Last October was an absolute mess. Idolise was hijacked by card-munching demons who kidnapped Boo Seungkwan, and our members mastered 3121 decks to bring him home.

This year, we're hoping for something a little more lowkey. Did I hear someone say "trick-or-treat"? Of course I did. When it comes to Halloween, I think we all know that trick-or-treating is the best part, and idols never get to participate. That's why we're doing something about it. You're welcome.

Over the next two weeks, you're invited to visit a number of idols in exchange for cards. Much like our Heart Hunt event, these idols must be tracked down through a list of clues. None of the clues are related to one another, so it isn't required that you figure out every answer. Just do your best and enjoy some easy trade fodder!

Knocking on an idol's door is easy work. Simply go to their deck page and check if the mastery badge can be clicked! This will take you to a reward page with cards. NOTE: If an idol has multiple decks, you may want to check all of them... Only one deck has a mastery badge that you can click on.

We're giving you two weeks to visit all of these idols. Reward pages can no longer be visited after October 31 at 11:59:59.

Idol Hints

PLEASE NOTE: These hints were created by Caitlin, who knows almost nothing. If you believe a hint is not accurate, please report it to an admin! We don't want this to be impossible.

1) In May of this year, this Produce 101 alumni's group disbanded and she terminated her contract. A few months later she signed with another company, planning to focus on modeling and acting.

2) In 2016, this idol won the Best New Actor award for his drama role at the KBS Drama Awards.

3) Although this idol says her charm point is her dimples, your admin team firmly believes that her height (149cm) is her true charm point.

4) This idol debuted in 2012 as one half of a duo, as well as a high school drama! Two years later, he debuted again with a group of seven.

5) This leader has two tattoos! A lion inside of a crown on his chest, and some scripture on his ribs.

6) This Jeju born idol is good friends with Gugudan's Mina and Oh My Girl's Arin!

7) When this 98 liner was scouted by her company at a youth dance festival, she couldn't have imagined that she'd someday be a part of one of the most popular girl groups of all time.

8) Before her debut, this idol was part of the girl dancing crew in BEAST's Beautiful music video!

9) At the 2012 Gayo Daejun, this female idol became part of a one-time subunit with four others!

10) This MIXNINE contestant can break an apple in half with her bare hands.

11) This female idol (along with two of her members) is fluent in Japanese — she's even taken the JLPT!

12) This Chinese idol is one of seven girls. Among her members, 5 had previously debuted under a different name, but the same entertainment company!

13) Before debuting with his group of nine, this idol was a backup dancer for a very popular boy group!

14) Before debuting as the leader of his group, this idol was a backup dancer for Lee Hyori, and performed with her during concerts and promotions for multiple songs.

15) This idol made his debut in 2015 after winning on his season of Show Me The Money.

16) This idol made a soft debut in 2014 under a different group name — which was later changed due to being compared to the American band Maroon 5.

17) Last year, this idol changed her name to Seungah.

18) This '91 liner has multiple tattoos, including a clock that points to the month of day of his debut!

19) After her 2010 debut, this idol became a host for many shows, including Music Core, M! Countdown and Inkigayo.

20) Before her 2014 debut, this idol appeared in a New Balance commercial in 2012!

21) This now solo artist came first place in their season of Produce.

22) In 2015, this female idol was an outspoken Seventeen fan!

23) Six years after this idol debuted as the magnae of his group, he made his solo debut with a mini album. He was the first member of his group to have a solo debut, but not the last.

24) This idol can speak Korean, English, Spanish and Japanese. Before debuting with her current group, she used to post dance covers on her Youtube channel!

25) This LA native was scouted during a Korean culture festival. And his mom has a pool.

26) This SOPA graduate and former Fantagio Entertainment trainee had trained for 7 years before debuting with his current group in 2016.

27) In 2015, this main vocalist acted in his first musical, In The Heights.

28) In 2012, this idol was linked to a member of Super Junior after a mysterious photo of them was uploaded to her Twitter.

29) In February of this year, this now-soloist left his group and entertainment company. He made his solo debut a few months later, with an album that shares a name with one of Twice's singles!

30) Although this idol joined was training to become an actor, he popped and locked his way into the heart of many in 2017 through a survival reality show.

31) This former Maroo Entertainment trainee made his official debut in 2018, as one of eight!