Mastery Badge


Deck Name: Limited Edition - Vintage (Female)
File Name: le-vintagef
Donated By: various
Made By: caitlin

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Amber, Andrea, Argh, Cassidy, Cecelia, Cecelia, Dhee, Emily, Haylee, Lara, Lex, Madita, Megan, Megumi, Melinda, Mio, Mirabel, Nicky, Osaka, Rose, Ruthia, Saku, Selena, Thienly, Usagi, Violet, Yasu, Zooya

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Custom Content

When a limited edition deck was mastered, members get two things: A mastery badge and a pretty keeps card, which they can display in their trade post however they'd like. Below is all of the custom content our members earned during the run of this deck!

Pretty Keep Cards

Mastery Badges